Monday, October 4, 2010

Hill Country Fall Beauty -- New Helper

I was in the middle of the beautiful Texas Hill Country last week.  Fredericksburg is beautiful any time of year, but after our mild and wet summer, it's gorgeous now!  I have a few photos I want to share with you this morning.  More to come soon!

The field behind our lodge was full of these yellow beauties:

This elk was magnificent!  When he bellowed after his harem, I couldn't believe how loud it was:

The view is beautiful no matter which direction you look. 

They insisted on coming along: More to come!


Mary said...

A beautiful place indeed, Jean--I'm so glad you could be there at autumn (my favorite season). Thank you, thank you for the breathtaking photos of those elk--they are a privilege to see.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Mary, yes, it is such a wonderful time of year!! We're enjoying cooler temperatures than normal, we can often skip right through fall! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos, it was really a wonderful sight!

Marie Theron said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful world with us. You are blessed to have all this in your back yard!

Clare said...

You must have had a wonderful trip with so much beauty all around you.
The elk are amazing. Glad your helpers had a vacation too.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Marie, so glad you stopped by! And I so appreciate you sharing your wonderful corner of the world!!


It was awesome, Clare. I need to post a few more pics from the trip. I have so many good ones!

Marie Theron said...

Thank you, it is kind of you to say so, Jean!