Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rooster Oil Painting, Egret and Roadrunner

"Rooster" is a new oil painting.  I had way too much fun with color and texture on this painting!

One Happy Rooster, oil painting, Jean Levert Hood

Jean Levert Hood, ©2010 Rooster, Oil, 9x12

This is one of the paintings I'll be exhibiting at Lee-Bunch Gallery in Del Rio, Texas next month.  I'm grateful to be their featured artist for October.  I'll have a number of paintings there for you to see. 

I love egrets and herons.  We have Great Blue Herons and Great White Herons. It's wonderful to see them flying to and from Lake Jean.  Very occasionally they'll stay and rest in the trees.  This smaller heron, a Cattle Egret visited the patio!

egret 2

How about the size of those claws! (hmmmm, just realized how crooked my photo is!)

What a photo op!  It stayed around for the longest time and I took tons of photos.  I went about my day and was later amazed to see it was still here - in the shade on the patio.  Watching it hang out with a Roadrunner was just plain fun! I'll only show you a few photos here, don't worry!  And no, we don't have cattle.

egret 1
This bird pranced around in so many poses ~ I like this one above, kind of sneaking.

This is my favorite, enjoying the shade with the Roadrunner.   Ohhh, I do wish that the hose wouldn't have cluttered up this shot, but, I can say that I'm a painter, not a photographer!  They were quite content to share the shade of the wild persimmon tree.

Egret and Roadrunner resized

My bird book says this is the "Greater Roadrunner."  It's a member of the cuckoo family and lives up to it's name darting here and there.

 I know it's hot and bright, they had to bring out their glitter shades again.


Clare said...

The rooster is great. It is easy to see why you had fun painting that one. You have the coolest patio in the world! Always something going on out there. Have to get me some of those glitter shades!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Clare! I'm glad you like the Rooster! Yes, my patio is a pretty awesome place. I'm always alert to what's going on out there, and my camera is never far away. Everyone needs glitter shades!