Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rain, Animals, Kitties and Mushrooms!

This photo below captures my favorite light of the very late day.  I wait for this light splash every evening and was thrilled when I was able to get deer, antelope and ducks in the shot!  The antelope seem to glow when this light hits.  The ducks barely made it into the photo.  The gray patches on the hill are cenizo, which hopefully will be blooming soon. We've had so much rain (over 6 inches in the last week!)  that I'm waiting for a good bloom.  Cenizo flowers turn the hill into purple patches.

Deer, Antelope, Ducks  

Every time we have nice consecutive rains, I get these wonderful mushrooms growing just outside of my studio.  The come up looking like a egg, then turn into a very dark flat shape. A bunch of them  are coming up!

...aside, and why the one above has the double fancy border, well, I have no idea!


Stella needs a pillow, and, this is often Clothilde.  Clothilde tolerates it well, although at times she does just go away and hide for some peace.  They are often intertwined like this:


Which progresses to:


I appreciate the feedback on my hummingbird, and the consensus seems to be the Black Chinned. Thank you to all who helped! 

hummingbird 1

Enjoy a very safe and Happy 4th, all of my US readers!

I'm hoping they'll be ready to get back to work soon.  Some of their holidays get very extended.



Manon Doyle said...

Awesome photos, Jean!! Love, love the pics of your cats!! They are so adorable.
Hope your weekend was great!!

Margaret McKay said...

Always enjoy seeing life on your end ;) Hope you had a great 4th!

Genie said...

I tried to find mushrooms today at the farm but didn't find any that I wanted to photograph. Mushrooms coming out of cow patties are, well, unappetizing. Yours are MUCH nicer!

Love your sunset shots, as always. Have you tried to paint that light yet? I can't remember any "sunset" type pieces of yours.

Your cats are just so dang cool. I never get enough of seeing them.

Marie Theron said...

I love your fountain, Jean! You can keep showing us the visitors there! And absolutely adoring photos of the cats!

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

I'm so glad the ducks were able to squeeze themselves into the photo. They helped make it! I can't wait to see the hillside in bloom!


cynthia said...

The kitties definitely made me comment! So cute...

Katherine said...

Love the eclectic group of photos!

Katherine said...

Love the eclectic group of pictures!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Manon! Thank you so much! I really do have great cats!


Maggy, I'm so glad you stopped by!


Genie, I've got so many of these, they don't last long, though. The rain lilies are so pretty too! No, I've never tried to paint that time of day. It appears daunting to me! My cats seem happy to give me lots of photo opps!


Hey Marie!

I used to not show the cats except rarely, but, they are a fun part of my life so I decided to change that policy. Besides, Stella always paints with me and will often take walks with me!


Lisa, I am still hoping for blooms on the hillside! I don't see any starting yet, but fingers are crossed!


Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate that you took the time to comment!


Katherine, I'm glad you stopped by! I went to your jewelry blog, then noticed in the side bar that you're Cow Art and More - which I love! You are certainly multi talented!

Marionette said...

A Wonderful Blog post! Love the kitty pics!!!!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you so much, Marionette!! Always glad when you stop by!

Mary said...

Jean, your posts are always so rich with visual images, it's hard to know where to start with comments. I particularly like those fantasy mushrooms (the sort of thing that looks imaginary if you paint them) and the glorious birds in your fountain. All my best to you.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you Mary, for commenting! Don't we both live in wonderful places? These mushrooms are strange to me, as the final product is so totally different than the original! It takes a good bit of rain to have them come up, and that doesn't happen often. They are something I watch for after the consecutive rains we've had. I knew I'd have a good crop!
Best to you, Mary!