Sunday, June 27, 2010

Around the Patio

I have the most awesome patio!  I love to sit out in the evenings, catching the wonderful light play as the sun goes down.  Mornings bring the birds to the fountain and deer, antelope, bunnies, ducks and birds to the feeder.

Now,  I'm seriously considering starting a petition.  I have 2 bird books ( Ok, I have 3, but one is very old) and you'd think this would be an easy job to tell you the names of our birds!  I simply want them to start wearing name tags.  They don't need to be large name tags, I'd be OK with having to use my binoculars to read them.  Just that there are name tags.  That will be my petition:  A Demand for Birds to Wear Name Tags.  Today's birds are easy, but I have several I'm wondering about.

It's not easy to get a good shot of the antelope, but this one is one of my best. This is taken from inside of the house, through the patio door and unfortunately you have to see through the fence!  You can see his horns, they've grown a lot in the short time we've had these beautiful animals.  The 1st spiral of his horns is starting to be apparent.  Aren't the size of their eyes are amazing?  I've not tried walking outside with the camera yet, I want them to be more used to coming this close in to the patio.
 antelope 1
This is one of my best hummingbird pictures that shows details of the coloring of our hummers.  I don't know what kind this is-- did I mention my two 3 bird books? I see no bright or distinguishing colors on them, mostly  brown, but this shot shows that clear light colored band under the neck.  If any one knows the name of this, please let me know!  Can you see how helpful name tags would be?
hummingbird 1
Our house finches are  brilliantly colored. They stay here all year.  These photos were taken a few days ago and the finches joined with Painted Buntings to drink.
birdbath 1
A second Painted Bunting joined in:
birdbath 4 
This side shot shows his many colors and I love how the sun was hitting that bright yellow spot.
birdbath 3 birdbath 2  
The fountain is near the side of the patio and birds line up on the fence before they fly in.  They  fly back and forth from the fence to the fountain. We can get quite a group hanging out.
birds on fence

Now to another subject - all things Space!  Bob has an awesome blog  - Black Holes and Astro Stuff.  His post yesterday will give you many wonderful links to explore.  He has cool info about Astro Stuff, great photos.  I love it, thank you Bob!  
DSC_0015resizedIt looks like they're ready to get back to normal again. 

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Nancy Medina said...

This is wonderful Jean, you live in such an idyllic location. Thank you for sharing this little escape with us! : )

foto-rolero54 said...


yes I saw your last article; text and very pleasant image, well with you

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, great images Jean, and thanks for the mention, much appreciated!

Marie Theron said...

Jean, my daughter has told me about Texas Hill Country. I agree that you have a wonderful patio and such lovely chirpy visitors!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures of the birds on the water fountain! So beautiful! I believe the hummingbirds are the Black chinned hummingbirds. But I'm not for certain. I have the same kind at my feeder, and that is as close as I've come to figuring out what kind they are. :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Nancy!! Thank you! Your latest newsletter is tops, lady! And truly, a newsletter with no Puggy Picture is unacceptable! hugs to the pugs!


foto - thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!


Bob - thank You for keeping us informed of all things skyward!


Marie, we do have a beautiful area, but I really believe that there is beauty to be found everywhere. I love learning of your area from your blog! I get a lot of joy out of sharing mine!


Hey Kitteh! So glad you enjoyed the pics! I do think one may be a male black-chinned, but what about the other being a male rufous?? I'm so not sure! both would be in our area. I'm hoping for some better pics after this rain is gone, we're still getting rain today, and they birds are gone!

Karen Faulkner said...

Love your bird photos! Sitting on my patio while the birds visit is one of my favorite relaxing things to do.