Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yet Another Prickly Pear Oil Painting, Spring Continues!

This oil painting has been donated to the San Antonio Art League for their 2010 Fund Raiser. I'll give you more details on this at a later time. I've painted many prickly pear cactus, they are such a fixture in the Texas Hill Country! The spring blooms have been gorgeous. Soon we'll be seeing their fruits as the blooms die down, a red "tuna."

Prickly Pear, donation to San Antonio Art League fundraiser
Jean Levert Hood, © 2010, "Prickly Pear" 12x12, oil on canvas

A walk around my studio brings these next photos for you. Rains and nice temperatures are continuing, so I'm hoping the flowers will stick around for a while longer.


I have a hard time telling if these below are Gaillarida or Sneezeweed. They're really thick this year. I just finished a wild flower painting with some of these and verbena, and, of course, cactus!


The Mountain Laurel seed pods are not looking happy. There are caterpillars and these huge ants both working on them.


We have a multitude of daisy type flowers:


Butterflies are plentiful and we have many varieties. The abundance of wildflowers is making many bees, butterflies and nectar seekers very happy.


These gorgeous wild poppies will finish blooming soon, the bloom period for these is through May. These are about 2-3 feet tall:


More happy and hungry bugs:


I love how the grasses add to this view:


Prickly pear cactus are a favorite of mine (I bet you didn't know that!) The way the light and shadows hit them is what makes me want to paint them. I have photographed this particular plant often. After it's new spring leaves, there is this one huge leaf! It looks like two leaves failed to split!

weird prickly pear

Eagles Wings Art Center update:

Prickly Pear Cactus in Yellow, Oil painting

Jean Levert Hood, ©2010, Prickly Pear, Yellow, Oil on canvas

This piece sold at the Grand Opening of the Eagles Wings Art Center in Eagle Pass, Texas. Bob Butler's new Gallery is fabulous and the opening was just perfect. There was a wonderful crowd, good food, lots of great conversation, laughter and fun. I had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful artists - Phil Bob Borman, Rick McCumber, Betty Sue Rose and Mary Ross Buchholz. It was great to visit with Del Rio artist Pam Bunch again.

Don't miss my website for my oil paintings. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, too.

They seem to be leaving the studio a little too early in the afternoons.DSC_0490resized


Manon Doyle said...

Hey Jean,
Love the prickly pear painting. The colors are perfect. I get to see many of them in Az. I'm a big cactus lover.
Great pics....btw!!

Anonymous said...

I love your art work! And the pictures are breath taking! I spent the weekend taking pictures of the prickly pear flowers. I think they are simply gorgeous! Your pictures of the flowers and butterflies inspire me! I'm kind of a novice with my camera, and taking pictures of flowers is one of my favorite things. I am always trying to do better!

Marie Theron said...

Your prickly pear paintings are always thrilling, Jean. And thank you for the spring walk through nature by way of photographs, Jean!

AKJapan said...

Great flowers pics Jean. I don't know about sneezeweed though...sounds dangerous!

Margaret McKay said...

You know, this little wooden gal sure gets around ;) Looks like she has been soaking up the sun lately, lol. Jean, I love the new pics. The one with the see pod is so amazing. It definitely caught my attention. Only have time for a short comment today.. I am on my way out to purchase a $50.oo bamboo brush. You will see work with this in the future... as always -- keep inspiring my friend!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Manon! I love cactus, too. We have lots of prickly pear, and some barrel cactus. Are you in the parts of AZ where the Saguaro (sp?) are? those are so awesome! I'm glad you like my painting!


Orange, Thank you so much! I love both painting and taking photos. Our wildflowers this year are amazing. So glad you stopped by and commented!


Marie, what a wonderful compliment, thank you so very much! I have taken so many photos this spring.


Andrea, I don't like the sound of sneezeweed either!! Glad you like the pics!

Maggy, yes, soaking up too much sun and neglecting studio time!! I can't wait to see what you create with your new brush! A good brush is crucial in my opinion.

Nancy Medina said...

Love the cactus series, Jean, as well as the nature tours you have shared. I hope you are staying cool down south and enjoying all those beautiful flowers!

Missy Ricco said...

Love the Prickly Pear canvas, the seed pods indeed do not look happy. Great pics.

Katherine said...


What great colors in the painting!

cynthia said...

Love the new work Jean and you're becoming quite a botanical photographer!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Nancy!
I may take a break from the cactus for a while, I do have one I haven't posted yet. I'm glad you like them! We're still having nice temperatures, what an amazing summer!


Thank you Missy! I so appreciate the visit and glad you enjoyed the pics!


Katherine, thank you so much! It seems that no matter what I'm painting, I'm always thinking of color! How do you ever keep up 3 blogs?!



I love to take pictures of what's here around me. I do feel that I live in a paradise. This evening, I sat on my patio swing - my end-of-the-day ritual - watching deer, antelope, ducks and birds!

Karen Faulkner said...

I am enamoured with your wildflower photos! Do you ever give any photography workshops at your ranch?

Mary said...

Your prickly pear paintings are gorgeous, Jean. I love your sense of composition, and your use of light and color are amazing. I learn a lot from contemplating your work.

Thank you, too, for the wildflowers and butterflies (and all the other fine bugs, important to the whole even when we don't like what they are doing). I'm glad to hear that you have plenty of pollinators this year. We are seeing many in North Florida this year as well, but I worry about them when they seem scarcer in some years.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hi Karen~~ No, I've never given photo workshops, you're the 1st to ask! Come on down! We'd have a blast!


What a lovely compliment, Mary, I thank you so very much! I truly am honored.

Yes, some years are so very different as to what flora and fauna I see. This year, I'm noticing that I'm seeing fewer birds at our fountains. This could be explained by all of our wonderful rains, perhaps they are not needing to come in, as they are finding water and food elsewhere. It's every changing, for sure. That's one of the joys of my life - watching to see what each day brings!