Sunday, May 2, 2010

Three Jalapenos - Oil Painting, More of our Spring

"Three Jalapenos" is an original oil painting, 8 inches by 10 inches, painted after a grocery store trip. I just had to use them in the studio! It's available on my web site for $200.00.

Three Jalapenos, Oil Painting, Jean Levert Hood

Jean Levert Hood ©2010 "Three Jalapenos" Oil, 8 inches by 10 inches

Our Prickly Pear bushes are just starting to bloom! Buds are plentiful this year, I'm looking forward to some good photos later next week. Most of the blooms here are bright lemon yellow, although we have peach, orange, rose and soft yellows.

prickly pear bloom resized

The agarito flowers have left the bushes loaded with berries!

agarita resized

This beautiful Spring has me planting again and I'm later than I have ever been! I do love to dig in the dirt. My herb garden was pretty much destroyed after last summer's record breaking drought and heat followed by the coldest winter I've seen in my 30 year here.

I'm babying a tiny lavender plant that survived and but the oregano is getting huge already. I planted catnip in a pot for the 1st time last Spring, it's doing great. My Plumbago is coming back and I have 2 salvia struggling to return. So, I need lots. Rosemary, more lavender, thyme, mint, sigh. Basil, sage, tomatoes, peppers and zinnias are planted and I'm hoping for a wonderful crop. My antique rose is showing off it's 1st bloom now and the coming buds are plentiful.

It's been a while since you've seen our deer and antelope, oh, and yes, a duck. They're all happy with lots to eat out there right now. Green is everywhere!

My beautiful picture

Remember the plant I'd never seen before?


I still don't know what it is and no flower has ever emerged! Those little spikes just turn brown and that's it. Maybe that little spike is the flower! It's still doing well. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it makes it through the summer heat.

This spring is continuing to be nothing short of amazing. To actually have a spring here is amazing! Often it is two weeks long and we slide headlong into summer heat. My patio swing has been such a treat in the evenings. The birds are singing, wildlife is abundant, and my kitties are waiting for pets and brushing. Life is good.

Clay and Flowers, Oil Painting, Jean Levert Hood

Jean Levert Hood, ©2010, "Clay and Flowers," Oil on linen, 16x12

This piece is now in the Eagles Wings Art Center in Eagle Pass, Texas. The Ribbon Cutting for Bob Butler's new Gallery is this Tuesday, and the Grand Opening will be May 15th. I'll tell you more about it later.

Don't miss my website for my oil paintings! You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, too!

They wanted to enjoy the wildflowers. Truly, I think it's that they grab any excuse to haul out the beach chairs and glitter sunglasses.DSC_0487resized


Manon Doyle said...

Your Spring is gorgeous!! Love the *three jalapenos*.... great work. I use them in many of my recipes!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you Manon!! It was a fun one to paint.

Marie Theron said...

You are overfeeding the senses, Jean! Where must I look? The jalapenos are beautifully rendered, there is something ver contemporary in your style!

Karen Faulkner said...

Love the jalapenos! The colors you've used to offset the green peppers are so fun.

Clare said...

The pepper painting is Hot Hot Hot!
Can't blame your helpers for wanting to enjoy the out of doors. They have the right idea.

Mary said...

Jean, I have things to do, but just keep browsing your web site--so much beauty! Love the composition, colors, and highlights on these peppers. And thank you so much for all the amazing wildflower photos--your area is stunning in the spring.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Marie - I have exercised great restraint at no posting dozens of photos a day!! Thank you for the nice compliment on my painting, I truly appreciate it.


Thank you Karen, that was a fun piece!


Clare, I'm OK with them enjoying the wildflowers, some times, though, they get too carried away with the 'vacation' idea...


Mary, thank you for the lovely compliment! I'm so glad you're enjoying my web site. This spring is so gorgeous, I hate it to end! It was 100 degrees yesterday, but that won't last. We always have a hot spell in May.

Katherine said...

Love the jalapenos! I've got some growing in a pot on my patio.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you so much, Katherine!! They seem to be a must in this part of Texas! I appreciate the visit, and that you took the time to comment.
Best to you!

hmuxo said...

I love your painting of Clay and Flowers. Beautiful work. I'm looking forward to seeing your future paintings.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hilda, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it so much! "Clay and Flowers" is one of my favorites, and I had to make myself stop painting clay pots for a while. Now, I probably need to stop with the cactus for a month!