Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fredericksburg trip- Bluebonnets and Wildflowers

Last week I went to the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country! I love the Fredericksburg area, although some may disagree that it is the heart of the Hill Country!

The beauty was amazing. I've never seen the wildflowers prettier or thicker. The bluebonnets were nothing short of spectacular, the Mexican Poppies carpeted fields and more fields. I took almost 400 photos, but don't worry, I'll only post a handful here. Well, maybe more, but I'll break it into 2 posts for those with slower Internet connections.


Here is a nice view of the Mexican poppies with bluebonnets, and hills in the background.



I love these!



Becker Vineyard's lavender fields were beautiful, as usual! I've painted on site at Becker's many times. They're so accommodating to artists. It's a wonderful place to spend the day painting in any season. The fields and vineyards are lovely all year.


The poppy fields at Wildseed Farms were fuller than I've ever seen them. It was a sea of red!





I'll have more for you tomorrow, along with a painting!


Manon Doyle said...

Omg! It's so beautiful Jean!! You must of been in heaven. Only 400 photos? lol!!

Suzanne McLean said...

Lovely pics, Jean. Especially love the close-ups. Thanks for sharing!

ZudaGay said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just can't imagine seeing that in person!! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Texas with us!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you so much, Manon! yes, heaven, to often our "Spring" is about 2 weeks long!


Suzanne, you are so welcome! Thank you for visiting.


Zuda, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I have more to come later today.

Pat said...

Your photos are stunning - one day I shall come to see Texas - and at this time of year!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Oh, yes, Pat, this would for sure be the time of year to come!! Thank you for visiting and commenting, I appreciate it!