Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clay and Flowers Oil Painting, and More of the Texas Hill Country Spring

Clay and Flowers, Oil Painting, Jean Levert Hood

Jean Levert Hood, ©2010, "Clay and Flowers," Oil on linen, 16x12

I love painting clay and flowers. I've painted several like this recently. I'll have one for a new gallery I'll be represented in next month and one for my Featured Artist Exhibit in October. This exhibition will be at Lee Bunch Gallery in Del Rio, Texas. I'm excited and grateful for both of these opportunities. --Now onto more Texas Hill Country wildflowers!

The Trumpet Vines were amazing all over the area, these were photographed at Wildseed Farms.




We stayed at wonderful cottages just outside of town. There's a herd of Elk on the property. They were so pretty just laying comfortably in the wildflowers! Bluebonnets are in the back field.




I'll have more wildflowers for you later in the week, this will take 3 posts to cover my photos! Then, I can't wait to show you more of what I'm seeing here. This fabulous Spring is such a gift, and I'm trying to not wear out my camera!

I want to thank Casey Shannon for interviewing me in
her April Newsletter. Casey paints beautiful Sumi-e. Thank you Casey, I sure appreciate the feature!

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They're enjoying all of the spring birds!


ZudaGay said...

Beautiful painting!! The flowers are beautiful as are the elk!! Wonderful post!

Lily Pang said...

Beautiful! I like the color and lights!

Nancy Medina said...

Great post and great art Jean. You are the quintessential Texas artist my friend, and live in the perfect spot to show off your amazing talent! Thank you for sharing. xoxox

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you so much, Zuda!! It was just perfect to see the Elk laying down!


Hi Lily! I appreciate that, thank you!


Oh, Nancy,Thank you so much for that!! Right now, I have so many gorgeous photos from our place, I think I could do a blog post every day!