Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oil Painting - Geraniums and Clay, Early Spring Beauty

I love painting clay pots with flowers. The texture of clay is so appealing and geraniums are just full of color! Here's a piece I finished in January.

©Jean Levert Hood, 2010 "Geraniums and Clay," Oil, 12x9

And here's a close up:

Geraniums and Clay, Original Oil painting, Jean Levert Hood

"Geraniums and Clay" is for sale at Lee Bunch Gallery in Del Rio, Texas. I have 3 pieces in Pam's Gallery, located at 100 West Greenwood Street in downtown Del Rio. You can contact Pat Bunch through her website, or contact me about this piece. Pam paints beautiful watercolors and represents a number of Southwestern artist in her gallery. I'm honored to be represented by her.

Our Mountain Laurel is starting to show color!


I love these blooms. This is the first tree that starts to bloom in Spring. The tree next to the house is full of buds, and color stated breaking through this past week. The scent of this one tree will fill the whole area around the house. It smells like grape kool-aid! Mountain Laurel is cultivated in this area as a drought tolerant plant. It's seeds and leaves are very toxic, but butterflies and bees will be enjoying the nectar soon.

I don't know anything about bird's nests, but this one is very large. It's in the wild persimmon just in front of our house. The wild persimmons aren't budded out at all yet.


We have 2 really nice palms at Lake Jean. I was looking to see if the 1st green frond was fully out yet and was struck by this view.


And yes, that frond is fully up now! I am declaring that Spring is here.


We've had such a wet winter that I'm anticipating a huge wildflower display. It should be spectacular this year. These wet days bring their own beauty. I love how the mist created this pattern of water drops on a spider web.


The Agarito bushes are in bloom. They are so full of blooms this year, as I expect most of the trees and shrubs will be. The red berries to come will be great food for all manner of birds. These berries also make a good jelly, but I wouldn't want to brave those very stiff spiny leaves to pick them.


As she often does, Stella walked with me.


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Marie Theron said...

I love this painting, Jean and also the splendid photographs and your writing. I am glad you are thinking of spring....I believe Texas winter was a bit nippy this year!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Marie, Thank you for commenting! Yes, we've had the coldest winter I can remember in my 30+ years here, and I am not a cold weather person. I'm as far North as I care to be in winter!

Gerrie Miller said...

Paintings and photos are, as always, gorgeous. You make me smile.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Gerrie! I hope you're doing good, pretty lady. So glad you like the post!

Mary said...

Hooray! I am thrilled that you have posted again, Jean. I know you put a fair amount of work into these delightful posts, and I hope you know that all of us readers really enjoy them.

This is a beautiful painting, with gorgeous warm tones. And, as always, your photos are equally lovely, creative, and interesting.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Mary, thank you so much! You're such an encourager, and I appreciate it!Yes, it's been a while, but I'm back now, and should be going strong again!