Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with those you love, may it be filled with blessing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pear and Cherries - Original Oil Painting, Persimmons

Pear and Cherries is another of the small color studies I've been working on. This one is measures 8 inches tall by 10 inches wide, it is on gallery wrap canvas, meaning the design continues on all sides of the painting. It may be framed or hung as is.

Pear and  Cherries, Original Oil Painting, Jean Levert Hood

Pear and Cherries, oil on canvas, Jean Levert Hood ©2009

There's a wonderful area in Brackettville known locally as "Five Points." Right at this corner, you'll find this wonderful tiny persimmon orchard! I love it every year at this time. It's meticulously kept up and a beautiful spot that most in town would pass every day. Thank you Melissa and Doug!


I found the leaves as interesting as the fruit and branches. What a gorgeous mix of colors and shapes! I was careful to not step on a pile, I wanted to photograph them as they lay naturally. You know how I love color - well - to see this pile of every shade of red, violet, green and gold - what a visual feast!


There are very few persimmons on the ground, but the trees are loaded.


These great shapes caught my eye, love the turning of the leaves.


and look at this lovely one - full of all shades of violets! How amazing. It just looks perfect settled down into all of those greens. Violets mixed with greens are perfect.


Ok, you know I have to show you an antelope photo, too! They seem very at home now. When I see them in the field, I can stand on the patio and not scare them away. It's fun to watch them eat with the deer - they will often push the deer off for the better position!

My beautiful picture

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And, I must sneak in a cat photo:


I heard Stella say, "I cannot believe you woke us up for yet another photo op?!?!?"


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

thanksgiving mannequin

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too much spam

I'm receiving too many spam comments on my blog - those with endless links, etc. To combat this, I just turned on word verification, which I dislike intensely.

I will explore other options to deal with this, but for right now, this is the quickest thing I can do to help combat this. I am sorry for any of you who subscribe to comments and have been subjected to this also. Thank you, and I'll check further options when I have more time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calla and Pear Paintings, Animals and Ducks

These two original oil paintings have been listed for sale on my web site.

"Calla Lillies" Jean Levert Hood © 2009
12 inches by 12 inches, oil on canvas, $395.00

"Pears and Cherries" Jean Levert Hood ©2009
6 inches by 8 inches, oil on canvas, $75.00

I feel that one of the most wonderful views is to see the animals laying down. To watch our new black buck antelope laying in the field is quite a thrill. It's such a peaceful scene, so very peaceful. They choose this spot often now. It's pretty far away for my camera lens, but I think this is a fair shot.

This is the far end of the "field" I talk about that's near to the house. If your screen is large enough, you can see a dark stripe about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the picture, that is the Lake. From the house, we can see the ducks and hear them too! I need binoculars to really enjoy what is beyond the lake, though. antelope in field 3

I like this view below, you get to see some of the hill behind the lake. There is a little dip in the photo, just beyond the antelope, that is Lake Jean.

antelope at Lake Jean

We have a feeder in the field close to the house and one on the other side of the lake. They're set on timers and the deer run to them when they go off. They mill around earlier, looking up to the box. I think they set alarms on their watches, they seem to always be ready and waiting, close in the field.

antelope in field 2

See! There really is a Lake Jean! My sweet husband likes signs.

lake Jean, resized

The ducks are happy, the little one in the front and the middle white one have their little top knots! The sunlight on the head of the mallard drake is wonderful in this shot. What an intense green! The blue reflections in the water are great. I do love to paint water.

ducks at Lake Jean 2

My helpers are really enjoying their new kitty. This one decided to try to get to know Stella. Make no mistake, those are daggers in her eyes.

Stella and helper 1

Till next time! I'll have some wonderfully colored photos for you then!

stella and helper 2