Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oil Painting Study, "Pears and Cherries," Hummingbirds and Ducks

This is a small study I painted this week. It's 6 inches tall by 8 inches wide. "Pears and Cherries" is still wet on the easel. I'm working on a larger still life with pears, cherries, sunflowers and a nice vase.

It will probably take a while to finish - the weather is so gorgeous that I just have to paint outside! It's finally cooling off a little and I am so ready to go and paint outside. So, I'll be working on the still life a bit here and there.

The hummingbirds have been enjoying my salvia. I love this colorful plant and I think they do too! This is taken through my patio door, one of these days I hope to get closer for some larger views. They come often in the morning.DSC_0187resized


Look at those tiny little legs in the photo below:





One of my favorite times of day is the late evening when the shadows are long. I often sit on my porch at that time. I see the strong shadows coming from over the house, casting the dark across the field in front of the patio. The light at this time of day is wonderful.

This photo below with the long shadows was take on a walk and it shows me why I love to paint! I see the photo and know how differently I'd paint the scene. I see it as so beautiful as it is, but if I would paint it I would change so much color. It truly is wonderful to be able to paint what I see inside, instead of just a photo.DSCN0595

I always notice the old dried out tree trunks and roots. I saw these 2 pieces of wood laying just as you see here. The small piece on the left is totally sun bleached from age. The piece on the right is not.

I love my walks. I find 'treasures' every time. And yes, I have to make sure that I don't come home carrying everything I've found, from wood to rocks to flowers!DSCN0604resized

These dead branches catch my eye every time I pass them. They really set off this Spanish Dagger.


The big ducks who are at Lake Jean are venturing out a bit! They're starting to check out the feeder. They seem to do fine with the deer. Yesterday we saw 8 ducks at the lake swimming with our ducks. We have many come through in the winter and some stay a while. This seems early to start seeing them migrating, though.

We've enjoy herons lately, and egrets. I can see from the house with binoculars and of course, love it when the game camera catches them. My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

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I've been asked several times if they've chosen a name for their pet. (yes, I said they could keep it.) Not yet, I'll let you know!


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Marionette said...

I love your pears and cherries painting and the photos of the hummingbirds are precious. I hope you paint the hummingbirds someday soon!


Suzanne McLean said...

Wonderful post, Jean. Love the journey you take us on. Love to see where you live and what inspires you to paint. Pears and cherries are fantastic!

Clare said...

Love the pears and cherries. The way you use color always amazes me. There are still several hummers at my house (South Louisiana) that have not headed south. Seems like they should be gone by now. So glad your helpers get to keep the kitty. Hope you aren't the one left to clean out the litter box.

Karen Faulkner said...

This is my favorite of your blog posts since I've been following along! I love the colors in this painting and the photographs of the hummingbirds are spectacular.

Jill said...

Love those photgraphs! They make me homesick. I'll bet you could do an awesome job with those flowers and hummingbirds!

Sadia Hussain said...

Wonderful painting Jean! Great colors! I'm sure the larger version will be just as awesome.
Take care.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Marionette! Thank you! I really do love painting small. Oh, painting the hummingbird... another in the longggg list, right?


Suzanne - I so appreciate that. I enjoy getting to share my world. I"m always thrilled to see that others enjoy it! Thank you for taking the time to comment!


Clare, I have soooo much fun with color. Really, when I'm painting, I'm thinking about color all of the time. Ohhh nooooo - I forgot about the litter box! Well, since they are helpers, they will have to add that to their daily work!


Karen, you've made my day! Thank you so much!


Jill, you're too kind! I just saw you on the boomer blog this morning, that's an adorable little box!


Hi Sadia! Thank you, I've had some difficult starts on that larger one. I did a pretty detailed pencil drawing, which I rarely do, I generally just do a loose drawing with paint. So, when I sprayed the fixative, it put this gunk on the canvas that is not to be removed, apparently. My husband said "lacquer thinner" and I said No! So, starting all over there! Some times it's like that!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hello Jean, I've really enjoyed this post, your paintings, the hummingbird and the range of photos displayed on your blog.

The sun is shining here at the moment, but it's very chilly! Best wishes. Lesley

Mary said...

Another fascinating post, Jean! The composition and colors of the pears and cherries study are super--it's so alive.

The hummingbird photos are terrific, but I am even more drawn to the photos of the twisted old tree and the two dried branches on the ground. They speak with age and character (I know; I know--maybe I identify with that these days :>).

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hi Mary!

thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I sure appreciate the compliments on my painting, more than you know!

I love the old gnarled branches and roots out here! Yes, so much character! and, let's don't talk about that age thing!

Genie said...

The cherries are so startlingly shiny and MAGENTA next to those somber, calm pears. Too cool. Nice contrast.

Those two branches.... one of them looks like a bone. If it is, how wild is it that even though the white (possibly bone) one is smaller, it still mirrors the other in shape and position? That's what I like about the random coming together of inanimate object in nature! Saw a documentary about the mysterious faces in the mountains and rocks of Peru, really fascinating what the right perspective and light can do for the right eye that comes along to behold it.