Monday, September 21, 2009

Calla Lily Oil Painting, Sunsets, Cats, Flowers, Bees and more!

This is "Calla Lilies," a new oil painting. It's 12 inches by 12 inches, a different format for me. I like this square format. This canvas is on 1 1/2 inch deep gallery wrap, meaning the canvas and design continues around the sides of the piece, so it can be framed or not. I painted this piece from photos from my sister's calla garden. These are such beautiful flowers and I've painted them often. Calla piece needs more drying time before I list it for sale, so if you'd like it before then just let me know and I'll put your name on it. This week I want to paint some smaller callas. I have some very small canvases and think it will be fun. Fun work that is!

Calla Lilies, Oil painting,  Jean Levert Hood

We rarely get a sunset shot from the game camera and now I have several. I guess the deer are going to Lake Jean to drink and trigger the camera. The one below is simply gorgeous. We have some awesome sunsets and sunrises here and I was thrilled to see this one.

My beautiful picture

Look at those reflections in the lake! I guess a bird flew by to trigger the camera, I don't see any deer in this one. What a rare treat.


Time for kitty photos! ( it's been a while, indulge me!) This is Stella, aggressively cleaning Clothilde. It seems to be a part of Stella's mission in life - much to the sometimes dismay of Clothilde.

forced cleaningresized

It takes a lot out of them both, so, nap time follows!


Oh, and don't forget my sister's jewelry shop. She has everything on sale (half price) through December. She'll be closing her Etsy shop and moving her work to another sales venue, so get out that Christmas list now! Design By Levert is her shop on Etsy.

I know you've seen photos of my little ducks, but they are tiny for such a short time, so you must indulge me again!

DSC_0106resized DSC_0122resized

Here is the little one below with the big personality - don't you think he is smiling?


And one of my little top knot cuties:


Where is the hair gel when you need it?????


And again, louder - "Where is the hair gel????"


They are in The Big Chicken yard now, safely segregated from The Big Chickens. It's very hard to get photos of them there, too much wire to peer through. All are having fun and enjoying their personal swimming hole. Here is where they practice for life at Lake Jean.

Honeysuckle grew along the back fence of the property where I grew up. I remember loving the sweet aroma of it and pulling the little parts out and tasting the tiny bit of sweet at the end. My sister has these growing at her Santa Fe home and they brought back some nice memories. And, some not so nice. It was below the honey suckle that we buried any dead goldfish!

DSC_0036resized DSC_0038resized

Yes, it's kind of an unruly vine, but I think it's beautiful! Such beautiful movement to it.


I love my camera. I have a digital SLR and I love the shots I get. This bee was on the Russian Sage at my sister's. (also in Santa Fe) Russian Sage reminds me of lavender.


I've struggled to keep my plants alive this summer. The intense heat and drought has taken as toll on my herb garden. I planted tomatoes in pots this year for the 1st time. I've tried to keep them alive to hopefully have a fall crop of tomatoes. I have 4 large pots of them just outside of my herb garden, all surrounding my bird bath. Stella has taken on the job of Watch-Kittie. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. This past week I've battled the horned worms again. These are pitiful looking plants!


I've lost several of my spring plantings, they just didn't have enough root structure and growth yet to survive our intensely hot summer.

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I knew they were up to something! The'yre wanting a pet of their own. No name as of yet, but they have already given it a milk saucer. I thought that they'd settled down after their summer vacation, but, I'm just not sure now.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Nature's Beauty

Yes, my blog is a bit late and I want to get back on my Monday blogging schedule. So I'm going to show you some great pictures from the ranch and post without a painting - something I've never done! I had a bunch of interruptions today and my schedule is so not what I wanted it to be. This will help me get back on track.

The new baby ducks and chicks are so cute. We ordered 6 assorted crested ducks. It will be fun to see what these look like soon. They grow so fast. Our early summer crew is enjoying Lake Jean. The main duck in this photo below has a personality already! This one is always flapping, bouncing up and down, cocking it's head.

duck 7resized

duck 8resized

The top knots on these 2 little guys below are different, one leans much more towards yellow, the other towards white. They tend to hang together.

duck 9resized

Ok, I'm going to get gushy, but this is just too cute - Alright, I know it's gushy and mushy.

duck 10resized

duck 11resized

We had some much needed rain this past week. Wednesday brought 3 3/4 inches and 2/10ths more fell this weekend. Yes, we are happy to measure rain in 10ths of an inch!

The trees aren't up to par this year due to the drought and heat. This wild persimmon's leaves aren't looking very healthy. I'm hoping the rain will perk it up. The fruit of the wild persimmon is normally about the size of a quarter. It feeds a lot of animals and birds. This year many of the trees simply didn't put out fruit, none at all. The fruit on this tree is the size of a blueberry. The wildlife has lacked a lot of it's normal food this year.


And here are our happy ducks at Lake Jean! This is from our early summer batch. They're quite at home at the lake.


I snapped these 2 photos below just a few days before the rain came. With all of our summer heat and drought, these are blooming beautifully. They are both in the Nightshade family. The yellow is Buffalo Bur. This patch is so full of flowers, very thick and healthy and very prickly.


I am amazed at the intensity of the purple on this flower. Normally it's a lighter color. This is Silver Leaf Nightshade. It's about 2 feet tall and should be in bloom through October.


I'm pretty sure this is a Vermillion flycatcher. I couldn't get a closer shot than this. That little head was soooo intensely colored! Gorgeous.


Look how much the fawns have grown:

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

So, the nature show is over for today. Next post I'll be back to normal, have a painting for you and will try to get my helpers back too. Until then, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to click here to sign up for my (usually) monthly newsletter!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fleur De Lis paintings, Tree ducks and Deer!

I've been painting Fleur De Lis in watercolors and acrylics. These two are both acrylic on canvas.

Purple and Gold is 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide and is available for $50.00.

Gold Fleur De Lis is 5 inches by 5 inches squared. This is painted on a deep gallery wrapped canvas (1 1/2 inches) that needs no frame. It is available for $55.00.
These pieces will be joining other art that I have at The Royal Standard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am at the 2877 Perkins Road location. (Perks Coffee is at 2008 Perkins - one of my favorite BR coffee stops!) I'm so pleased to be at The Royal Standard and will be adding more pieces there. If you're interested in either of these pieces, please contact me. I will be sending them to The Royal Standard in a few weeks.

The little fawn came to Lake Jean! The twins haven't been to the Lake yet, but come to the feeder at the house most mornings. These photos are about a month old, they've grown so much since then!

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

Deer seem to defy gravity when they jump a fence. The camera caught this jump.

My beautiful picture

The tree ducks have been plentiful! We've counted over 50 flying in for breakfast. (some have passports.)

tree ducksresized

Above they wait, their watches all in sync with the feeder timer.

DSC_0068001 DSC_0070002

They came pretty close to the patio and I was happy for this shot.


And the last one is something we see this fairly often, yet it always amuses me. It's the "Where's my breakfast??" look!My beautiful picture

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You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . You can purchase my oil paintings and studies on my website .

My helpers seem to be doing better. They've been enjoying feeding the birds, so hopefully I can count on them again soon!