Monday, September 21, 2009

Calla Lily Oil Painting, Sunsets, Cats, Flowers, Bees and more!

This is "Calla Lilies," a new oil painting. It's 12 inches by 12 inches, a different format for me. I like this square format. This canvas is on 1 1/2 inch deep gallery wrap, meaning the canvas and design continues around the sides of the piece, so it can be framed or not. I painted this piece from photos from my sister's calla garden. These are such beautiful flowers and I've painted them often. Calla piece needs more drying time before I list it for sale, so if you'd like it before then just let me know and I'll put your name on it. This week I want to paint some smaller callas. I have some very small canvases and think it will be fun. Fun work that is!

Calla Lilies, Oil painting,  Jean Levert Hood

We rarely get a sunset shot from the game camera and now I have several. I guess the deer are going to Lake Jean to drink and trigger the camera. The one below is simply gorgeous. We have some awesome sunsets and sunrises here and I was thrilled to see this one.

My beautiful picture

Look at those reflections in the lake! I guess a bird flew by to trigger the camera, I don't see any deer in this one. What a rare treat.


Time for kitty photos! ( it's been a while, indulge me!) This is Stella, aggressively cleaning Clothilde. It seems to be a part of Stella's mission in life - much to the sometimes dismay of Clothilde.

forced cleaningresized

It takes a lot out of them both, so, nap time follows!


Oh, and don't forget my sister's jewelry shop. She has everything on sale (half price) through December. She'll be closing her Etsy shop and moving her work to another sales venue, so get out that Christmas list now! Design By Levert is her shop on Etsy.

I know you've seen photos of my little ducks, but they are tiny for such a short time, so you must indulge me again!

DSC_0106resized DSC_0122resized

Here is the little one below with the big personality - don't you think he is smiling?


And one of my little top knot cuties:


Where is the hair gel when you need it?????


And again, louder - "Where is the hair gel????"


They are in The Big Chicken yard now, safely segregated from The Big Chickens. It's very hard to get photos of them there, too much wire to peer through. All are having fun and enjoying their personal swimming hole. Here is where they practice for life at Lake Jean.

Honeysuckle grew along the back fence of the property where I grew up. I remember loving the sweet aroma of it and pulling the little parts out and tasting the tiny bit of sweet at the end. My sister has these growing at her Santa Fe home and they brought back some nice memories. And, some not so nice. It was below the honey suckle that we buried any dead goldfish!

DSC_0036resized DSC_0038resized

Yes, it's kind of an unruly vine, but I think it's beautiful! Such beautiful movement to it.


I love my camera. I have a digital SLR and I love the shots I get. This bee was on the Russian Sage at my sister's. (also in Santa Fe) Russian Sage reminds me of lavender.


I've struggled to keep my plants alive this summer. The intense heat and drought has taken as toll on my herb garden. I planted tomatoes in pots this year for the 1st time. I've tried to keep them alive to hopefully have a fall crop of tomatoes. I have 4 large pots of them just outside of my herb garden, all surrounding my bird bath. Stella has taken on the job of Watch-Kittie. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. This past week I've battled the horned worms again. These are pitiful looking plants!


I've lost several of my spring plantings, they just didn't have enough root structure and growth yet to survive our intensely hot summer.

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I knew they were up to something! The'yre wanting a pet of their own. No name as of yet, but they have already given it a milk saucer. I thought that they'd settled down after their summer vacation, but, I'm just not sure now.



ZudaGay said...

Great post, Jean, I enjoyed it very much! Lovely Callas, wonderful photos. Love your kitties!

tlwest said...

You lead a charmed life my friend:) what a gorgeous post!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Zuda, thank you!! My kitties are so cool!

Terri - I do live in a very beautiful place. I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos! hugs!

Nancy Medina said...

Jean, one of the best blog posts I've ever read and your new callas are amazing!!!! I've shared on FB lady!
xxooo to you and kitties and duckies

Jean Levert Hood said...

Nancy, thank you hugely! WHat an awesome thing to say! I'm grateful. I appreciate the share on FB, too.
hugs to the pugs!! and an extra special one to Howie today. xoxoxo

Suzanne McLean said...

Jean, what a lovely long post. I enjoyed every minute this morning with coffee. Love the cats and ducks! The calla lillies are gorgeous too.

Lily Pang said...

The calla lily is so beautiful! Great work!

cynthia said...

Kitty shots are great! Makes me want another one...but I don't think our new dog will allow it. He goes crazy seeing the neighborhood kitties.

I'm jealous of your spread - it looks magical....

Great painting too!

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Jean - those Calla Lillies are fabulous... and yes, the baby ducks are smiling... they look positively intelligent.

Susie Monday said...

What kind of digital SLR do you have Jean? I am considering an upgrade after I pay off my summer vacation!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Suzanne - Thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment.


Lily, it's good to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely comment on my painting.


Hi Cynthia! How are you finding the time to read blogs?!?!?! A great blue heron flew over the patio today, on it's way from Lake Jean. That truly is magical for me!


Kathleen - thank you so much! Yes, you see it! That duck IS smiling! They are hard to get photos of because they never stop moving. I take tons and tons!


Hey Susie - I have a Nikon D60 with an extra telephoto lens. I love it. Takes care of everything I need! I get very good shots of my paintings with it, with little adjusting needed. For almost all of my nature shots, I don't adjust at all. I rarely need to.

Mary said...

Jean, loved reading your delightful post and, of course, enjoying the fantastic photos. The callas are beautiful--lovely lush tones in the soft colors.

artbylmr said...

Lovely painting, as always! Your kitties crack me up. They do the darndest things!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Mary, thank you so much! I just love sharing these great photos! I'm so glad you like my painting!


Lynne - thank you! I have to truly hold myself back from posting kitty pics every blog. I really could have a Stella/Clothilde blog - They are so fun.

Clare said...

Love the richness of the Callas, love the duckies, love the kitties, love your helpers, LOVE YOUR BLOG! Are your helpers talking about a name for their new pet?

Anonymous said...

Love the Calla Picture. The duckies are the cutest I've seen.
Give the kitties a pet for me.


Claudia Finn said...

Wow, when you post you post!!:D I love the calla painting so vivid, fluid, and I can feel you feel toward the subject!!

Debra James Percival said...

Hi Jean, I love the birdbath cat-bed!
Great images. Your paintings are amazing.

Lynda Lehmann said...

The little duckies are SOOOO adorable! And they look to be quite amiable, at this age, to your presence!

And I love the photo of the kitty sleeping on the bird feeder. It makes me feel sleepy and contented.

Aniemother said...

Nancy sendt me over to have a look. So many lovely photos - and a great painting.


brendathour said...

Jean, I never get tired reading your blog. Your painting is exquisite, as always. Love the baby ducks. My they are growing fast. Give a kitty treat to your cats for me. The one laying in the birdbath is a hoot. Thank you for sharing a part of your life.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Clare - thank you so much!! and I love it when you visit my blog and comment!! You know, they haven't said anything about a name for their new pet. Odd. hmmm.


Janis - Thank you! The ducks are getting sooooo big! Stella and Clothilde send a high 5 paw!


Claudia - yes, it is a long post! Thank you for such a lovely comment on my painting. I appreciate that you took the time to comment.


Hey Debra! thank you so much! Stella owns the bird bath. The birds bath in the 3 tiered fountain. Sigh.


Lynda, they are so cute!! We try not to get the ducks too socialized, they need to fend for themselves when we put them at the lake. My kitties are great!


Well thank you for coming over, Aniemother. I'm so glad you like my painting. Nancy is a fabulous artist, isn't she!


Brenda, your sweet comments always make me smile - thank you so much!! Stella sends a big hello!

Genie said...

More kitties, more more!!!! Love the kitties. Why don't we ever get cool cats like that around our house? Your cats are awesome. Our cats always hate each other and would no more nap in a pile than eat from the same dish.

After I looked at the new calla lily painting, I don't know, it seemed to be done in kind of a blocky, chunky style so I re-read what you wrote and though, aha! I'm right! It's some new style. But, oops, you meant the framing. Well, I think the framing eeked into the painting and I like it! Goes with your new block kitty!