Sunday, August 16, 2009

With the Wind - Oil Abstract Painting, Studio Essentials

This oil abstract reminds me of the wind. I love the swirl of colors in this piece. Kim at Laketrees had a contest and I entered this. The theme was "Post Card from Heaven." No, I didn't win, but it was fun to enter! Thanks Kim!

With the Wind, A Postcard from Heaven

© 2009 Jean Levert Hood

You can purchase "With the Wind" on my web site for $325.00 It measures 9 inches tall by 12 inches wide.


With the Wind, A Postcard from Heaven

I really enjoy painting abstracts. Sometimes it's fun to explore and do something different. As you know, I love color in my paintings and abstracts give me a chance to unleash that love and think "color."

My Studio

I like having my studio filled with things that are meaningful to me. I have my brushes, palette knifes, various tools, tacks, erasers, clips, etc, in containers that were given to me by someone special, or that were purchased on a trip. It keeps my creative muse happy to see these pieces around me.

While I love having these containers, well, then there are the "just plain tools." Where do I put all of these?

I have one peg board in my studio that holds all of the items I need, items that must have their designated home, but not the kind of things that can go into my great containers. So, here's my pegboard:


This is where I keep my utility type items that seem to have no other place to live. It resides over my sink.

I have a special corner on my peg board. This little painted slate says "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Sharon gave me this, a friend I've had for about 25 years. The photo under the slate is of some incredible children that I've watched grow up. ( and I see that it hangs right in her face!) They are now all adults, college graduates, some in graduate school and law school, and all are doing wonderful things in their lives. Then, there is the torn corner of a cover, saying simply "Dance." Pieces on my special corner change all the time, but the photo and slate have been here forever.


Remember my painting from last blog?
I named it "Shawl Dance." Joni Stinson was so kind to let me know that the proper title for this dance is "Fancy Shawl Dance." Thank you Joni!

Joni has a wonderful shop on Etsy and she sent me a great link to read more on Pow Wows. She is Creek and Cherokee. She says "My designs combine traditional Native American techniques with contemporary elements, colors and materials. My work is symbolic and exemplifies my passion for my Nation and my art."

Andrea blogged about one of my paintings on the Design Style Guide blog. Thank you Andrea, I appreciate that so much!

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

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