Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cactus Are Blooming and James R. (Bob) Bulter's Art

The Prickly Pear Cactus is full of blooms right now. They are are every shade from the palest yellow-peach to sunshine yellow to bright orange. Prickly Pear is a valuable plant for our wildlife. Many animals and birds use this cactus for cover and safe nesting areas.

The fruit, or tuna, is eaten by just about every walking and flying critter out there! I've tasted it straight off of the plant. I was told it was kind of like watermelon, but that would be a stretch to me. The fruit is made into jellies and syrups, and I think that's much better than right off of the plant!

The young pads, nopalitos, are eaten by us humans. It is available in our grocery stores fresh, in bags, and prepared in jars.



I like this shot below. You can see several stages of the bloom going on. The yellow flower is in full bloom, then you see the shriveled up one just about to fall off. Off to the side, you see the soon to be "tuna."


This cactus bloom is a very light shade of cream. For such a robust solid plant the blooms are very delicate.


I took an oil painting workshop this past week from James R. (B0b) Butler. Bob's color theory caught my eye when I was introduced to his work about 10 years ago. I am now the proud owner of this piece, 12x16:

bob 12x16 resized

© James R (Bob) Butler 2009

and this one, an 8x10:

bob 8x10 resized

© James R (Bob) Butler 2009

Bob has developed his color theory over his 35 years as a painter. With more study and a lot of hard work, I'm planning for some of it to rub off on me! Thank you Bob!

I want to thank Mel Avila Alarilla. Mel featured me on his blog Literatti - An Artistic Blog. It is such an honor to be featured on someone's blog. Thank you Mel!

I also want to thank Christine Pierce. Christine gave me a Passion for Painting Blog Award! Thank you so much, Christine! Being recognized by a fellow painter is a thrill.

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

You can purchase my oil paintings and studies on my website .

Til next time!



Julie B said...

I am enjoying learning about the flora and fauna growing down in your neck of the woods, Jean. I love the horse painting that you bought! Have you been able to put into practise what you learned at the workshop? I'm looking forward to seeing your next piece.


ZudaGay said...

Oh my, cactus blossoms are beautiful!! What gorgeous paintings!! Lucky you!!

Yankeegirl said...

What pretty cactus!! The flowers are incredible!!

Congrats on your new the horse. The colors he uses are gorgeous!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Jean, I had not heard of Bob before but his work is bright and beautiful. Thanks for showing us your new acquisition, I love the expression on the horse's face. Can't wait to see what you paint next!
hugs from your northern neighbor and the puggies

Anonymous said...

The cactus blooms are beautiful.
The horse painting is just wonderful.
I am glad you had a good week.


Mary said...

Jean, what gorgeous photos! Thank you for giving us all a glimpse of the natural beauty in your home area--so different from our North Coastal Florida home.

I look forward to the blooming cactus paintings to come!

Mary Lemmenes

Genie said...

Is Butler the one who did the donkey you love so much? I noticed our accountant has two or three of his pieces hanging in her office. I can totally see why you love his work. They always remind me of patchwork rugs because they have so much texture.

Manon Doyle said...

I go to Arizona often so I get to see the cactus blossoms often! Your pics of them are quite beautiful! James's art is stunning! Your lucky to have taken a class with him!

Lily Pang said...

Great cactus photos! I really enjoying seeing them.

I like the colors of James paintings. Really nice!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Julie, I am thinking it will take about 6 months of work before you'll see much change in my work. It will take that long for me to absorb it and have it show through. I'm glad you like my flora and fauna reports!


Zuda, I'm always happy that you stop by!


Yankeegirl - yes, they are so pretty!! That horse is everyone's favorite!


Nancy, he lives in Eagle Pass. I have studied his color theory for years, and I am looking forward to incorporating it in my work more and more. You know I'm all about that color!! Hugs to the Pugs!


Janis, I hope to get more cactus shots that are different colors. The color range is amazing.


Mary, thank you for stopping by! I grew up in South Louisiana, so this area of Texas is hugely different in every respect. I baby little plants for any growth, that in the South would be considered "pernicious!!"


Genie, yes, same painter! He did the burrow, and the pot of geraniums, and the large one of the 3 burrows at dusk.


Hey Manon! We have barrel cactus too, Manon, but they aren't too wide spread.


Thank you for visiting!

Marionette said...

I just love the prickly pear cactus photos and learning about them as a source of food! Your blog is outstanding! Always full of wonderful art, photos, and useful info! I would love to take one of your workshops!!!


Chrisy said...

Your cactus flower photos are wonderful...and the horse painting by Bob is fabulous...

Jean Levert Hood said...

Marionette, Thank you so much. It is so nice getting feedback on my blog, I truly appreciate that! Maybe one day we will paint together on your beach!


Thank you Chrisy! Glad you stopped by!

Martha said...

Patiently waiting for my cactus patch to bloom. It usually happens in mid-June. Bet you didn't know we have cactus growing up here in New York.