Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mariachi Oil Painting, Birds and a Bunny

Mariachi is my new oil painting. It's 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide and available for purchase on my website.

Mariachi © 2009 Jean Levert Hood

In our nearby Mexican border towns, you'll find Mariachi serenading those who stop to listen on the street, or playing at your table in a restaurant. After a song or two they move on to the next table. I Googled "Mariachi" and "San Antonio" (San Antonio is 125 miles away) and saw so many local Mariachi bands for hire! Their unique type of music is very familiar our these border areas. Wikipedia has nice article on them if you'd like to learn more.

Marionette, also known as Kauai Artist is hosting this month's exhibition of Worldwide Women Artists Online. You can find the exhibit at this link. The theme is Fantasy Island. Marionette also featured me in her recent newsletter. I hope you enjoy them both.

I have more birds for you. This is the season, that's for sure. We're filling the flax seed feeder every other day and are wondering what these birds ate before we started feeding them! I captured this little humming bird getting a drink:

and here are painted buntings, the one on the left is very fluffy from his bath:

and here they seem to look right at me:

And last, this little bunny was waiting for me this morning just outside my studio:

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

You can purchase my oil paintings and studies on my website . Till next time!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Poppies Oil Painting - Yes, More Poppies, Berries and Blooms

"Poppies" is a recently listed oil painting available here in my Etsy store. I think I paint poppies as much as irises. I do love painting flowers. I know I say that about landscapes too! Whatever I'm painting that day seems to be my favorite.

Poppies, Oil painting


Poppies, Oil painting

This piece measures 6 inches tall by 8 inches wide, oil on canvas panel. It's priced at $55.00.

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  • Onto berries and blooms....

The Retama is beautiful. This tree has green bark and rather nasty thorns. These tiny little flowers are beautiful and it continues to bloom throughout the summer. Rains bring more blooms our way. The foliage of this tree is so graceful.

Our deer browse the foliage and will enjoy the legumes to come. Bobwhite quail (we have Blue Quail also) and other birds eat the seeds and the bees are enjoying the blooms now.

DSC_0019resized DSC_0021001 DSC_0002resized

Seed pods are already forming on early blooming bushes:


I love these fuzzy berries. This is called Littleleaf Sumac. Littleleaf Sumac is one of our few thornless plants. Everything out here seems to have thorns! The hairy little fruits are beginning to mature and will feed quail, turkeys and birds. It's a good nesting place for birds, the bush is dense and provides protection.


You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Anniversary, Cats and Tomatoes

This is May, my 2 year blogging anniversary! Last year's anniversary came with a promise to not show kitty pictures for the next year. I only broke that promise one time, I think. I decided to not make that promise again. I occasionally get great shots of them and I simply have to show you. You are warned. So for this anniversary post you are being treated to my tomatoes and my cats! Humor me, please!

My tomatoes are growing.

tomatoes blog

I have them in pots on the patio this year. I've never tried this way before, we'll see. Looks like a good start. I have 4 large pots. They surround the bird bath, which doubles as a kitty bed.

Photo still life: Clothilde with Tomatoes

clo w tomatoes

Photo Still life: Stella with Tomatoes


Thank you my readers for 2 great years! Here's to many more!

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cactus Are Blooming and James R. (Bob) Bulter's Art

The Prickly Pear Cactus is full of blooms right now. They are are every shade from the palest yellow-peach to sunshine yellow to bright orange. Prickly Pear is a valuable plant for our wildlife. Many animals and birds use this cactus for cover and safe nesting areas.

The fruit, or tuna, is eaten by just about every walking and flying critter out there! I've tasted it straight off of the plant. I was told it was kind of like watermelon, but that would be a stretch to me. The fruit is made into jellies and syrups, and I think that's much better than right off of the plant!

The young pads, nopalitos, are eaten by us humans. It is available in our grocery stores fresh, in bags, and prepared in jars.



I like this shot below. You can see several stages of the bloom going on. The yellow flower is in full bloom, then you see the shriveled up one just about to fall off. Off to the side, you see the soon to be "tuna."


This cactus bloom is a very light shade of cream. For such a robust solid plant the blooms are very delicate.


I took an oil painting workshop this past week from James R. (B0b) Butler. Bob's color theory caught my eye when I was introduced to his work about 10 years ago. I am now the proud owner of this piece, 12x16:

bob 12x16 resized

© James R (Bob) Butler 2009

and this one, an 8x10:

bob 8x10 resized

© James R (Bob) Butler 2009

Bob has developed his color theory over his 35 years as a painter. With more study and a lot of hard work, I'm planning for some of it to rub off on me! Thank you Bob!

I want to thank Mel Avila Alarilla. Mel featured me on his blog Literatti - An Artistic Blog. It is such an honor to be featured on someone's blog. Thank you Mel!

I also want to thank Christine Pierce. Christine gave me a Passion for Painting Blog Award! Thank you so much, Christine! Being recognized by a fellow painter is a thrill.

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

You can purchase my oil paintings and studies on my website .

Til next time!