Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Landscape Painting, Birds and Blooms!

Here's a landscape I've recently reworked. I painted this piece on location in Fredericksburg last fall. As with most of my plein aire work, I consider it a "study." There is simply so much less time put into the design, composition and color elements when I paint out. So you get a great break on the price! (Robert Y ~ this is a special not - an - abstract - post just for you.)

View from the Hill Country, Landscape Oil Painting


View from the Hill Country, Landscape Oil Painting

This particular day I painted 3 pieces. I've been working on fixing those up a bit. As a study, this 11 inch by 14 inch oil is priced at $120.00. This price includes shipping and insurance. It needs to dry a bit more before I list it, but if you just have to have it before then, give me a shout.

This lovely flower is from the Guayacan shrub. As with most plants it has many names. It's also known as Texas Porliera, Soapbush, and Ironwood. It's an evergreen with very dark green leaves. The largest the flowers would be is about an inch and most are smaller in our area.

Guayacan soapbush, ironwood

The flowers look like tiny orchids! They are every shade of violet from very light to a very deep color. The yellow anthers are very pronounced.

Guayacan, soapbush, ironwood

Guayacan is browsed by deer, grazed by sheep and goats, good cover for birds, and enjoyed by butterflies. It's common name indicate it's usefulness, the wood is very hard and soap was made from the bark of the root. Our drought hasn't seemed to dampen it's enthusiasm for blooming, they are covered in blooms! We'll see beautiful red seeds later.

I saw my first Scissor Tail this week! I can't believe I was able to get close enough to one to get this shot. The peach breast of these gorgeous bird is amazing. I love these birds and wait for their arrival every spring.

scissor tail

You'll find my small watercolors and smallest oils in my Etsy store . Work on Etsy is priced from $10.00.

You can purchase my oil paintings and studies on my website . Check out my "What's going on in my studio this month" feature! There is a new post for April. (Robert Y~fair warning, it is an abstract!)

So I'll go for now! Till next time.

Untitled-54resized We planted tomatoes yesterday.


Karen Faulkner said...

I'm going to have to get on down there one day to see these wonderful species of birds and flowers for myself!
Lovely painting.

Ruth J Jamieson said...

Great post Jean! A snapshot of your life today. What great photos of the Guayacan and love reading about it too. I'm a plant lover. Awesome capture of the Scissor! Thank you for sharing with us! ;D

cynthia said...

Lovely as always, Jean! I like the studies best because they're so fresh and spontaneous.

Texas is most beautiful in Spring - my in-laws are visiting from San Antonio right now and are missing the warmer Texas weather right now...

ceevee said...

About your oils--they are so rich and lush. Love the colors too. Never tried plein aire. Maybe I will get as far as my deck this year, but the neighbor's swingset is not quite as alluring as your hill country!

Julie B said...

I love the looseness and freshness of your studies, Jean. And as always, I enjoy reading about the flora and fauna you have down in your neck of the woods - so different from what I see around me every day.

Manon Doyle said...

Your studies are so lovely Jean! I love everything about them!

Rustic Diva Designs and RP Gardens said...

Beautiful painting! Great colors...

Jean Levert Hood said...

Karen, Come on Down!! It would be lovely to see your wonderful watercolor interpret our colorful birds!

Hey Ruth - I've loved digging in the dirt forever! I did a total re-do on my herb garden, so everything is pretty small right now, can't wait for some growth.

Cynthia, I agree. Often, I'll see a pic of someones field study, then the large studio finished piece. About 100% of the time, I'd pick the field study.
It's perfect temps right now, the wind has been pretty nasty. Enjoy their visit!

CeeVee, thank you so much! Painting on your deck would be great. I'm sure you have something out there that captures you!

Julie - I appreciate that so much! I love the internet. We can share all of these wonderful things on our blogs.

Thank you Manon! Those last 2 you pieces you've posted on your blog are awesome. Check out Manon's blog!

Rustic, Thank you! And you have a butterfly garden - awesome!

Debra James Percival said...

Gorgeous paintings Jean.

Lily Pang said...

Beautiful landscape! The shots are so nice. Such a wonderful place.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Debra, thank you so much!


Lily, Good to hear from you. I'm very blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Jean - the violets in the landscape make it sing!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Kathleen! Thank you so much, I appreciate that!

cynthia said...

Just popping in for another comment - I just noticed your photograph in upper right side bar - love it!

PS. My Texas visiting inlaws are going to try to go home tomorrow. I say try because Denver has had some crazy snowy spring weather the past few days - trying to get them to move here hasn't been successful. :( Who wants to swap 78 degree Texas spring for snow?

Clare said...

Beautiful painting. So glad your helpers like to garden!

artbylmr said...

Plein aire is always a challenge - your came out beautifully.
Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Jean,
I featured you and your art works at my Literatti- An Artistic Blog. I hope you like it. If there are any error on any entry, please inform me accordingly so I can correct it. Thanks and God bless.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's Literatti-An Artistic Blog. Sorry for the error in my first comment. God bless.

Sixsisters said...

Jean great painting ! Love all the photos too.
Had a chuckle at the model with the fig leaf.
Thanks for the spirit lift .

Anonymous said...

The new study is great.
I love the scissor tail photo.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Hi Cynthia! yes, I finally added a photo! Maybe you could entice the in laws with a summer home in Co!


Clare, I'm glad you like my painting. and my little helpers have been very busy!


Lynn, Oh, plein air is very challenging! Many of my plein air pieces never see the internet!


Mel, thank you so very much. I am honored that you chose to feature me on your blog.


Janis, isn't the scissor tail gorgeous? It's a fly catcher.


Hey Joan! Love that you always visit, glad it gave you a chuckle!!

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