Friday, May 8, 2009

Anniversary, Cats and Tomatoes

This is May, my 2 year blogging anniversary! Last year's anniversary came with a promise to not show kitty pictures for the next year. I only broke that promise one time, I think. I decided to not make that promise again. I occasionally get great shots of them and I simply have to show you. You are warned. So for this anniversary post you are being treated to my tomatoes and my cats! Humor me, please!

My tomatoes are growing.

tomatoes blog

I have them in pots on the patio this year. I've never tried this way before, we'll see. Looks like a good start. I have 4 large pots. They surround the bird bath, which doubles as a kitty bed.

Photo still life: Clothilde with Tomatoes

clo w tomatoes

Photo Still life: Stella with Tomatoes


Thank you my readers for 2 great years! Here's to many more!

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mannequin may


Nancy and the fatties said...

No kitty shots? Oh my, but I must protest - we need MORE kitty shots! Stella and Clothilde are budding blog stars, Jean! You've reminded me I need to post more pug shots. It's only fair to the snoring bunch of assistants at my feet. : )
hugs from your northern neighbor...

Martha said...

That tomato photo deserves to be a little oil painting. And the cats - well keep 'em coming. If you feel guilty about too many kitty pics you can throw in a dog or bird pic.

Mary said...

Happy anniversary, Jean--and many more. Your blog is rich and wonderful.

Your cats are beautiful. I have no policy on my newish blog, but have so far resisted posting pictures of our sweet little dog. It's inevitable that she will pay everyone a visit, however--maybe on a post about the beauty of our beaches. She runs on the beach with visible joy whenever take her with us (not in the heat of a summer day!)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Congratulations Jean! I love the kitties.. That's the life, eh?

Jean Levert Hood said...

Nancy - yes, this new year will have kitty shots! I always love your puggy shots, and every time I put my kitties on the blog, I get nice comments. So, I think I can manage it without it turning into "Jean's Cat Blog!"

Hugs to the Pugs!


Martha, I thought the same thing! I had planned to paint the tomatoes next, then our temperatures soared well over 100 degrees. I think they are needing a painting. You're right, my bird pics will offset the kittie pics!


Mary, thank you so very much! Do post your doggie pics! I love animal photos, they always make me smile. That is why I'm changing my policy this year.


Michelle - I have one of Clothilde on the chaise lounge. She's actually propped up on it. Sigh.

Clare said...

Congratulations on 2 years! The kitty pictures are amusing. Keep up the good work.

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Beautiful tomatoes! So big already. We're hoping to set out patio pots of tomatoes this weekend ...but there is a frost warning tonight.(Ohio)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on two years!!
The kitty pics are great.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Clare, yes, hmmm, "amusing." You must have a dog. Thank you!!!!!


Kathleen, yes, I'm so excited!! Frost! Oh my, we had temps well over 100 degrees most of last week!

Thank you Janis! Clothilde often looks like she will fall out of the birdbath, it barely, just barely contains her!

Diane ~ said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Jean!!
Totally loved your pictures with Clothilde & Stella! & please feel free to add more photos of your gorgeous cats whenever the urge strikes!
May you have many more years of beautiful & artistic blogging!! :)

cynthia said...

The kitties are adorable!

Your growing season is way ahead of Colorado for sure - we won't have tomatoes till mid summer...

Jill said...

Kitty shots always welcome, as well as any of your other shots. May as well keep some of the personal stuff in too, don't you think!!!

Jo Bradford said...

Congrats on your anniversary Jean. Your blog is such a pleasure to read, and I feel honoured to be part of your blogging life. Love from Jo xoxo

christine said...

Two years! Congratulations, Jean. And those cats look so content! Thanks for sharing :)

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Hey there!
RE: Hero & Shadow collaboration @ Mother Henna blog... Yes, this collaboration is still on! Just send me your artwork as soon as you can. With the loss of my computer/back up/artwork, I'm at square one with this project anyway myself. So it is still a go -- just on an altered timeline, okay? Can't wait to see everyone's work together in the book!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Forgive me for being late in replying to your comments, being out of town last week has me a bit behind!


Diane - I am going to be including more kittie pics! Thank you for taking the time to comment


Cynthia, I have tomatoes starting to turn red, and we should have squash within the week.


Hey Jill! I'm getting pretty relaxed with blogging, some might question if that is good thing or not! I'm so glad you visited.


Thank you Jo, What a lovely think to say!


Christine, oh yes, my kitties are for sure happy campers.


Hi Kara,

I'm glad you dropped by. I've started on my paintings for your collaboration! I hope you're slowing recovering your data.