Sunday, March 29, 2009

Landscape Oil Painting and Spanish Daggers

Ranch Road is an original oil painting. This landscape measures 18 x 24 inches.

©Jean Levert Hood

I painted this in a beautiful spring that gave us many wildflowers. It's so awesome when the fields are solid color! The grasses are just starting to turn green this year and we have precious few wildflowers. It's just been too dry.

Yet the Spanish Daggers are beautiful as always. I tried to get this close up to show you all that comprises that huge flower head. The individual flowers are cream colored and have a hard waxy look. You can see a lot of beautiful magenta coloring on the stems and lime green on the opening pods. These usually are the earliest blooms we see, along with the Mountain Laurel. I've seen them bloom as early as January, but that's not the norm.

dagger resized

It's a type of Yucca and is evergreen. Our many birds seem to love nesting in these spiny leaves. The term "Dagger" is not used loosely - they are afforded a lot of protection in there! The seeds pods will be huge and I'll try to remember to get you shot of those next month.

dagger resized 2

Did you know that my What's Going On In My Studio This Month feature has been updated 3 times this month? I have 3 "wet on the Easel" shots there. I'll be changing it to April soon, so check it out!

For a peek into my studio, I want to show you this hanging piece that Jennye gave me. It always brings me a smile, as every thought of her does. Hey Sweetie!

Jen's piece

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Till next time!


Nancy and the fatties said...

So beautiful, Jean. Your color is seems alive and moving in all of your works. love your studio updates, so fun to peek in and see what is going on!!!
hugs from your northern neighbor...

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Jean,
This is such a beautiful painting! The colors are fabulous!

Sixsisters said...

I love Ranch Road Jean. Always love seeing the photos
from where you live.

cynthia said...

Awesome painting - love the blurred brush strokes!

I have a real fondness for yuccas...

Marionette said...

I really enjoy your blog and of course, your beautiful art! Ranch Road is awesome. I love the colors. Wish I could get you to Kauai to teach a workshop!!!! That would be a blast!


estevan oriol said...


nice combination of colors. also, he blurred strokes are expertly done... keep up the goodwork...

Jean Levert Hood said...

Nancy, thank you so much! I always feel that no matter what I am painting, my paintings are about color.

Hugs to the Pugs!!


Hey Manon! Thank you! and people should check out your blog, I never miss it. Your works are so expressive!


Joan, thank you! This is a larger piece than I normally paint, but it seemed to need a big canvas.


Thank you Cynthia! I wait for the Yuccas each spring!


Marionette, you are so kind. Thank you! Ohhhh, hmmm, a workshop in Kauai....You are very tempting!


Hi Estevan! I'm so glad you found my blog and took the time to comment. I really appreciate that. I'm checking out your blog too.