Sunday, March 29, 2009

Landscape Oil Painting and Spanish Daggers

Ranch Road is an original oil painting. This landscape measures 18 x 24 inches.

©Jean Levert Hood

I painted this in a beautiful spring that gave us many wildflowers. It's so awesome when the fields are solid color! The grasses are just starting to turn green this year and we have precious few wildflowers. It's just been too dry.

Yet the Spanish Daggers are beautiful as always. I tried to get this close up to show you all that comprises that huge flower head. The individual flowers are cream colored and have a hard waxy look. You can see a lot of beautiful magenta coloring on the stems and lime green on the opening pods. These usually are the earliest blooms we see, along with the Mountain Laurel. I've seen them bloom as early as January, but that's not the norm.

dagger resized

It's a type of Yucca and is evergreen. Our many birds seem to love nesting in these spiny leaves. The term "Dagger" is not used loosely - they are afforded a lot of protection in there! The seeds pods will be huge and I'll try to remember to get you shot of those next month.

dagger resized 2

Did you know that my What's Going On In My Studio This Month feature has been updated 3 times this month? I have 3 "wet on the Easel" shots there. I'll be changing it to April soon, so check it out!

For a peek into my studio, I want to show you this hanging piece that Jennye gave me. It always brings me a smile, as every thought of her does. Hey Sweetie!

Jen's piece

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iris Garden - A Watercolor Painting and Amanda Makepeace

I have another iris floral for you! Next post will be an oil landscape for you not geared to flowers folks! This watercolor painting is called Iris Garden.

Iris Garden is approximately 5 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide, sized for a standard 5x7 mat. You can find it in my Etsy Store by clicking here, available for $22.00.
Iris Garden  watercolor painting


Iris Garden  watercolor painting

Amanda Makepeace of One Pebble has such a fun project going. If you send her a pebble, she will send you a small work of art. For Free!! That is * Free *!

I'm a rock collector from birth, so I picked out 6 or 7 pebbles and made myself stop. I sent her pieces from Elm Creek that runs through our property. She sent me this lovely little piece of art.


So send Amanda some pebbles and help her project! Click on her name above and you'll find details on her One Pebble site.

What's Going On In My Studio This Month has been updated since my last blog. You'll see another painting that is "Wet on the Easel."

And I'll leave you with another little peek into my studio. This little ceramic piece holds my pens that I accent some of my watercolors with.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Iris Watercolor Painting and Spring!

It's time for one of my "Tiny Bits of Fine Art." A floral seems made for watercolor and this iris is too. I highlighted places with ink. I'm enjoying combining ink with watercolor painting.

Single Iris watercolor painting

Single Iris detail:

Single Iris watercolor painting

Irises are one of my favorite flowers and yes I probably say that about too many flowers! "Single Iris" is approximately 3 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches wide. It's sized for a 5x7 mat and priced at $22.00. I have several more of these little Iris paintings I'll be posting soon. Single Iris can be found here in my Etsy store!

I know I promised no more kitty pictures until my next blogging anniversary, but these are pertinent to the post. (You knew I'd find an excuse!) I was out walking to get some shots of the wonderful blooming trees and Stella walked with me as she often does. So, she is included in this post along with these spring blossoms. ( I slipped that right in here!)

stella blog 2

Blackbrush and Huisache are both in the Acacia families. Our deer are big fans of Blackbrush and browse it's leaves, legumes and flowers. Soon the seeds will keep our quail and many of our birds very happy. Hummingbirds and bees also love these flowers.

The air smells so sweet around the Blackbrush and Huishache! Even with our dry weather depriving us of wildflowers our trees seem to be full of blooms. We had 3 inches of rain last week so I am still hopeful for some wildflowers.

The Huisache trees are full of yellow-orange pom pom shaped blooms.

huisache blog 1

Stella blog 1

The Blackbrush are loaded with blooms. What a graceful shape!


Ok, last one of Stella.

stella blog 3

Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate my readers so very much.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Affordable Art For Your Walls

Here are some of the artist that I featured on Design Style Guide for my "Affordable Art for Your Walls" monthly article. You can find out about these artists and more on the Design Style Guide blog.

Fairies Darting - Encaustic ACEO
From: On a Whimsey
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Sellers Portfolio
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"Egg and Toast" Giclee Print, 5 x 7 inches
From: Lynn Cyr Art
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Above Her Head, Beneath Her Feet
From: Studio Virgo
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Sellers Portfolio
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Jean Levert Hood

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watercolor painting of Heliconia and Mountain Laurel blooms!

The vivid colors of tropical flowers seem to be made for watercolor. This is Heliconia.

Heliconia measures approximately 15 inches tall by 11 1/4 wide. This floral watercolor painting was inspired by my visits to Hawaii. I love flowers and that is the place for flowers! There are many species of this tropical flowering plant on the islands. Heliconia is available on my website for $125.00.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Marionette, who goes by the name of Kauai Artist on Etsy. She paints wonderful watercolors of her beautiful island. I love her blog and newsletter. She always exudes the "Aloha" spirit. Do check out her work on Etsy.

The mountain laurel is blooming! It's not very thick and most of ours isn't blooming at all. It's simply too dry. This is the first year I've missed painting the one by the patio. Sigh.

This is a pretty display I found in Uvalde and the bees were loving it. The air smells like grape kool aid when you're around mountain laurel, so the bees thought they were in heaven and totally ignored me.

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DSC_0006Till next time!

Thank you, Jean

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hill Country Landscape Painting, Baron's Creek

This original oil painting was painted on the bank of Baron's Creek in the Texas Hill Country.

Baron's Creek, Study

Baron's Creek meanders through the Fredericksburg area. I was painting there with my dear friend Vanaly Palmer. We decided to catch a very quick study of the creek before it got dark. It was fall, cool and lovely as always! The sun was setting in front of us, back lighting the creek. The orange sky was beautiful.

Vanaly is a delight to paint with. She loves adventure and is always ready for any outing.


Baron's Creek, Study

Baron's Creek, Study, is available on my web site. It's 8 inches tall by 10 inches wide. This small landscape study is priced at $85.00. I've painted a larger piece from this study. I have it in a "possible" frame. This piece is about 28 x 32. I'll take a better picture of it later with out the frame. I can color correct it better that way.


Here's a quick peak into my studio. Trust me, this is just a part of the paint that I have!


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mannequin, St Patricks day Now they want to decorate for Saint Patrick's Day.

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