Thursday, February 19, 2009

Becker Vineyards and Goats!

This oil painting is a fall scene from Becker Vineyards. There is a wonderful old cabin at the vineyards that's been turned into a bed and breakfast. A number of children were raised in this tiny cabin built in 1890.

I've painted at Becker Vineyards often and have painted this cabin many times. It's simply a charming place that I never tire of. The grounds are beautiful and the lavender fields behind the vineyards are amazing. I haven't painted the grape vines yet. Yet. This is a wonderful stop if you're visiting the Texas Hill Country.

"Becker's Cabin" is 11 inches tall by 14 inches wide, and is available on my web site for $395.00. I painted this on location and then further developed it in my studio. Detail:
Last week I went out to a friend's farm. We hiked around for hours and took a bunch of photos. Photographer In Training is sooo fun to go out and play with! One of my favorite shots show the drought conditions we have right now. The fall and winter have been dry, no rain at all. Her goats are used to humans giving them supplemental feed because of the dry conditions. They thought that we had dinner. In no time we were surrounded.

The day was getting late and we were shooting into the sun. The dust kicked up by the goats created quite a cloud. (They will follow you anywhere if they think you have food!) The effect of the back lighting and dust was pretty neat.


Thank you Genie, I had a great time!

As the Cracker Head Crumbles was so kind to feature me on his blog again. He showed the painting below on his "Sunday Drive" post.

image Thank you FishHawk, I sure appreciate that!

Here's another little peek into my studio.

DSC_0017-1 studio shotresized

This is my watercolor table. I love this mug. It's a perfect place for some of my brushes.

Please visit my Etsy store for my small works in watercolor. Prices range from $10.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my website for more oil paintings. Prices start at $85.00 for original oil paintings.

They wanted to play with my still life stuff.

Till next time!


Jean Levert Hood


Karen Faulkner said...

Beautiful paintings, and you made my day...I LOVE goats! One of my favorite items in my own art collection is a watercolor of a goat named Zoe by a Pennsylvania artist.

Manon Doyle said...

Jean, your paintings are wonderful!!
I love the pic of the goats .... the photography is terrific!

Genie said...

We need to go back, I found a great place to walk along the creek that I never really knew was there. Easy walking, pretty water, awesome trees.

Thanks for going out with me, it was a blast!

ZudaGay said...

I love the little cabin!! I can't wait to see your vineyards when you decide to paint them. Goats are so fun and your picture is great! Jean your blog posts are my little jaunt to another place. Thank you!!!

Miriam said...

I am trying my darndest to "follow" you and it won't let me! Keeps giving me a blank page that says "untitled". :(

Nancy and the fatties said...

Jean, what a wonderful adventure you had. I've often wondered if these folks are my distant cousins, my maiden name is Becker.

I love the new work and thank you so much for giving me such a nice review on blogcatalog!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Jean - your painting of masses is so colourful and lush! And I love the goats too... :)

FishHawk said...

Thank you so very much for the most honorable mention. Oh my, that pic of the goats brings back so many memories. Well, actually more nightmares. For our herd of over a hundred dairy goats proved time and again that they could squeeze under a fence (sometimes at full gallop) that I had a hard time squeezing my hand under whenever they felt like it.

P.S.: I also love Becker's Cabin!!!

tlwest said...

I have to say your goats look like they are coming out of Egypt!The cabin must be an awesome place to visit. The second painting- do you have name for this?

Sixsisters said...

Great post Jean. Love the photo of the goats.
Lovely work as always ! I am such a fan of yours :)

Kathleen said...

That studio looks awfully clean and well organized...
love the goat photo... that will make a great painting too.
The cabin is darling.

cynthia said...

Your painting has captured an enchanting place!

The photograph is amazing - I can't say that I've ever loved an image of goats more! ;)

Jean Levert Hood said...

Karen - We had goats for years, they are really fun. We seemed to always be hand feeding some, and my favorites were Belle and Beaux, 2 little twins.


Hey Manon! Thank so much! The conditions for that shot were just great.


Genie - Ooooh, we'll have to check it out!


Zuda, thank you so much! I am just thrilled that my blog is something you enjoy. I do love sharing my little part of the world.

Miriam, those "follow" things are quite finicky! I get frustrated with them often myself! I've got your blogs up to check out next.


Hey Nancy! It's my pleasure to spread the word about your great blog and work! I love Becker's, it's such a neat place!


Michelle - Thank you so much! I appreciate that!


FishHawk - oh, those goat can act like a fence isn't even there!! I'm glad you like my painting!


Hey Terri - I love that goat picture! It's one of my all time favorites. The dust they kicked up gave a super effect.
The 2nd painting is just a cropped portion of the larger one, just to show detail.


Joan, thank you! I appreciate that you are always supportive of my work!


Kathleen, ohhhh, if it looks clean and orgainized I guess i caught it on a good day!! I would love to spend a weekend in the cabin. I could paint all day and enjoy that little porch every morning and evening.


Cynthia - thank you! It's a place I love. We were choking on the dust when the whole mess of goats came running!

Karen Faulkner said...

I stopped by again, to show my son the goats. He was amazed how many there were! We see them often here but not usually more than ten or so together at a time.

Sadia Hussain said...

A very peaceful and serene place.
Beautiful painting!

Sadia Hussain said...
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dianeclancy said...

Dear Jean ...

There is an award for you over at my blog when you have time. I LOVE this goat photo ... really wild!! Such lighting!

~ Diane Clancy

Jean Levert Hood said...

Karen, I hope he enjoyed it!

Sadia, thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

Diane, you are toooo sweet! Thank you so much!