Friday, February 27, 2009

Water and birds!

I've shown you several oil paintings recently, so I think it's time for one of my Tiny Bits of Fine Art! I love painting water birds. (Do I open every post with "I love painting... ? I know I do this, but I don't think I could ever say, "Gee, I reallllly don't like painting these things... !)

This small watercolor painting is sized to fit in a standard 5 inch by 7 inch mat opening.


This blue and violet bird is available here in my Etsy store for $19.00

Inspiration came because the game camera finally caught a heron at Lake Jean! I often see them flying towards the lake and around it, but this is a first. I was so excited to see it and I hoped that cropping and enlarging would make it clear enough for you to see. It's not great quality, but I'm happy! Ok, so you'll have to look close, but it's on the bottom left shore.

My beautiful picture

((...and I truly have no idea why this photo is on the right side

of the page!))MDGC0141

The shot above shows our beautiful cardinals in the foreground. They are gorgeous against all of the winter grays. And look at all of the ducks in Lake Jean! We have never had as many ducks as this year. I know they aren't much more than a dot on the water, but I get such a kick out of this. We even moved the game camera around to get a better view of the lake.


My beautiful picture

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Becker Vineyards and Goats!

This oil painting is a fall scene from Becker Vineyards. There is a wonderful old cabin at the vineyards that's been turned into a bed and breakfast. A number of children were raised in this tiny cabin built in 1890.

I've painted at Becker Vineyards often and have painted this cabin many times. It's simply a charming place that I never tire of. The grounds are beautiful and the lavender fields behind the vineyards are amazing. I haven't painted the grape vines yet. Yet. This is a wonderful stop if you're visiting the Texas Hill Country.

"Becker's Cabin" is 11 inches tall by 14 inches wide, and is available on my web site for $395.00. I painted this on location and then further developed it in my studio. Detail:
Last week I went out to a friend's farm. We hiked around for hours and took a bunch of photos. Photographer In Training is sooo fun to go out and play with! One of my favorite shots show the drought conditions we have right now. The fall and winter have been dry, no rain at all. Her goats are used to humans giving them supplemental feed because of the dry conditions. They thought that we had dinner. In no time we were surrounded.

The day was getting late and we were shooting into the sun. The dust kicked up by the goats created quite a cloud. (They will follow you anywhere if they think you have food!) The effect of the back lighting and dust was pretty neat.


Thank you Genie, I had a great time!

As the Cracker Head Crumbles was so kind to feature me on his blog again. He showed the painting below on his "Sunday Drive" post.

image Thank you FishHawk, I sure appreciate that!

Here's another little peek into my studio.

DSC_0017-1 studio shotresized

This is my watercolor table. I love this mug. It's a perfect place for some of my brushes.

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They wanted to play with my still life stuff.

Till next time!


Jean Levert Hood

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunflowers and Pear Study

This new oil painting is "Sunflowers and Pear." I love painting from a still life.

This piece is a study that I did for a large piece I was planning. Well, the large piece turned out quite yucky and you will not be seeing it! (Yucky is a technical painting term.) While doing these 2 paintings I found that I love to paint pears. The larger piece has several pears and it was fun. So maybe in the future you'll see more pears. Of course, maybe not. I'd have to live about 10 lifetimes to paint all of the things I want to paint!

Sunflowers and Pear, Study, 9 inches tall by 12 inches wide is available on my website.

Sunflowers and Pear, Study resized

I am introducing a new pricing structure with this blog. I've been discussing studies, small works, location paintings, demonstrations, etc., with artists on Linda Blondheim's blog. Many of us found that we had the same issue. Our quick studies are good paintings, but cannot be priced the same as our more involved work. We all price by size, as do most artist.

As an example Sunflowers and Pear Study is not as developed with color, strokes, and design as a more fully planned out piece. I do many quick studies simply to see if I like an idea before I want to invest time and effort into a fully developed piece. (Like the one that turned out yucky in spite of a prior study!)

I've been keeping most of these pieces because I felt I couldn't charge the same for them. After wonderful discussions with other artists I decided to follow what many planned to do. I will now have 2 pricing structures. One price for fully developed pieces and another for studies, demos, and my work on location.

I've already posted several of these pieces to my website and plan on adding more in the next month. As an example, my 9 x 12 paintings sell for $325.00. I will have my 9 x 12 studies priced at $100.00. Prices on my website include shipping and insurance, too! These pieces will have "study," "demonstration," "plein air," or such in the title of the painting.

My 8x10 studies are $85.00, 9x12 - $100.00, 11 x 14 - $120.00, and 12 x 16 are $145.00.

I have some great animal photos for next time!

They wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

mannequins valentines

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue and Orange

Blue and orange is one of my favorite color schemes. Enjoy these selections from Design Style Guide!

From Karen

My Deep Purple Dream
From: Karen Faulkner Original Art
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and Melanie

Winter Sparkles
From: The Creators Palette - Art by Melanie
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and Alison

From: Alison Du Bois - Fine Art Photography
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and Diane

Ocean Dreams - ACEO
From: Diane Clancy
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and F2images

5x5 Fading
From: F2images
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and Eye Design

Hidden Passages
From: Eye Design
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All of these works and many lovely portfolios are available on Design Style Guide.

My portfolio is also on Design Style Guide

See my portfolio on Trunkt, here I have a large selection of sold and unsold items.

My work is available online at, Etsy, and Artfire.