Friday, January 30, 2009

WWAO Exhibition

Oil paintings, watercolor paintings, mixed media collage, digital paintings, prints, jewelry and more!

WWAO stands for Worldwide Women Artist Online. These is a group of talented women who create all of the above and more. I'm delighted to be a part of this group.

Each month one member sponsors an exhibition with a theme. I have the pleasure of hosting the exhibition for February with the theme of "Flow." Here's a sneak peek at a few of our submissions.

talebearer sharon shubert

Sharon K. Shubert's "Talebearer, "

diane clancy

Diane Clancy's "Ocean Dreams,

StrollingMahaulepu Marionette

Marionette's "Strolling Maha'ulepu,"

HangingontotheLastMask-web Cheryl McDonald

and "Holding On to the Last Mask” by Cheryl McDonald are just a few of the pieces exhibited. Please visit the link below for the full exhibit and details on these paintings!

You can see the full exhibit on my website.

Please drop by my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00. My Etsy store features my small works and studies, with a few of my oil paintings too.

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lavender Fields and Some Great Walks!

This piece from my Lavender Fields series is now available in my ArtFire Studio. It is 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide, priced at $50.00.

This original oil painting is from the beautiful lavender fields in the Texas Hill Country. This particular field is at Becker Vineyards. It was late in the day, drizzly and cloudy, heavy skies and storms coming. I think the fields are just as pretty when they are in bloom as in the fall.

Lavender fields, Almost night, Jean Levert Hood

And now, more photos from my beautiful walks! I love sharing these with you. Last time you saw red Prickly Pear and now I have purple Prickly Pear! I don't see many this color. Knowing how much I love violets, I'm probably going to have to paint this.

purple cactus  2purple cactus 1

vine I love this vine. It's got such pretty leaf shapes and they are still every color from lime green to rust. It grows a lot down at the creek.

This old dead tree trunk is hugging a huge rock! I wonder how it looked when the tree was growing all around it. Amazing.tree rock

The prickly pear cactus skeleton looks a lot like a loofa.

cactus skeleton 2

birds nest 1

I love seeing all of the bird's nest when the leaves disappear. This one is pretty big. You can see from so much green still on the tree that we've had a very mild winter. Last night we probably hit freezing, but it's in the 60's now. These have been gorgeous afternoons for walks. It's been in the 60's, 70's and 80's most afternoons this month. This is fine with me, this is about as far north as I care to be in the winter!

I've been making greeting cards this month. I've done this for years and find it just plain fun. I made a bunch of valentines cards. ( I'll tell you where to see them below) Wellllll, my little helpers have really been enjoying it.

mannequins valentinesThey've been watching the Wizard of Oz and started singing "If I only had a heart." Who knows what they're going to do next. They do seem to enjoy the whole Valentine's Day thing, though.

Till next time!

See my Etsy store for my watercolors, small works, and studies.

Don't miss my web site for more oil paintings and to see my "What's going on in my studio this month" feature! Here is where you can see some of my Valentines cards.

Til next time!


Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been featured!

I've been featured in the online magazine article. I'm the 2nd artist interviewed, and would love for you to take a look:

Home and Living Examiner: Country French rooster art for your living and dining room

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Friday, January 16, 2009

New Landscape Painting and Red Prickly Pear

Nueces in Fall is my newest oil painting. This piece is 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide. When it is a bit dryer, I'll post it for sale.

One of the reference photos for this piece is on this blog on Nueces Reflections.

We have several types of prickly pear cactus in the area. This one grows close to the ground and doesn't get very tall. When it gets cold the pads turn red. They'll get redder as the season gets colder. (We don't get much cold weather until January and February, and it's been in the 70's and even 80's most of this month.) It's really pretty to see the red against all of the winter grays.

red cactus

red cactus close

No matter which path I take my walks are always amazing. There is never a lack of what to see or photograph.


Path 2

This little bunny was in the road just as I got to the house. I was able to get pretty close to it. They're fairly used to us and don't seem too afraid.


In my Etsy store you'll see my watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00. Here is where you'll find my small works and studies. Many of my studies are oil paintings done on location or a piece where I am trying out an idea. These are price separately from my more developed pieces on my website.

Don't miss my web site for oil paintings of my corner of Texas as well as my travels.

They're still doing it. They said they aren't finished.

Till next time, Jean

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Affordable Art for Your Walls - Tracey Allyn Greene, TagsCats

Tag's Cats Etsy shop features a variety of art!

tagscats 1

"Pears" - acrylic painting only $45.00!

This is an original still life painting of a grouping of pears, bright and vibrant, lots of layers of color and FULL of texture! This 8x10 acrylic is painted onto ampersand hardboard, sprayed with a protective varnish, and wired on the back and ready to hang!

Here is a Pear Study:

tagscats 2

"Pears" study, original acrylic painting - $25

This is a fun pear study by TagsCats painted in acrylic on 6x6 museum panel. There is a lot of texture to this piece, which is mostly done with palette knife. The sides are painted and there is a slot on the back so it is ready to hang. It has been sprayed with a non-yellowing varnish. She signed it on the front and signed, titled and dated on the back.

Tracey Allyn Greene, or TagsCats, is a full time artist. She is a multi-media artist, and works in oils, watercolor, acrylic, on canvas, paper, and even river rocks! Tracey specializes in pet portraits, especially cats (she considers them her muses), but will paint any animal. Her years as a vet tech came before turning to art full time. Tracey loves to memorialize a special pet friend for people and says, "That is my passion."

Here is Tracey's website. You'll find many of her animal works here.

I'll post more in my Affordable Art series next month!

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00. Don't miss my website for more oil paintings, and to see my "What's going on in my studio this month" feature!

Check out my blog and see new artwork, as well as the wonderful flora and fauna of the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Thank you!

Jean Levert Hood

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coolest Blog Award and Tagged

I received two neat blog awards! They are "For the Coolest Blog I Know."

One came from Diane Clancy, and one came from Mystic Mooma. This is an unexpected treat. Thank you ladies! You made my day!


In the blog world there is a thing called "tagging." I've been tagged and will try to remember all of you who have tagged me. Let's see, there is Sweet Kym of Kimbuktu and awesome Kimberly of The Wild Hare. These 2 Kims tagged me at the same time.

To be "Tagged" means you have to reveal 7 things (random and weird) about yourself that you don't think people know. Well, that completely stumps me! I just cannot think of anything that might interesting to you! So, here goes:

1) I love to paint. (I know you didn't know that.)

2) I love to paint. (Now you are truly informed.)

3) Although I crave peace and quiet in my life, when I paint I rock the walls with loud music. It may be opera, classical, rock or soft rock. I dance. I sing. Loudly. You can be the judge of this...

4) I love to paint.

5) I am so inspired by all that I see in my world. Nature is totally inspiring - a leaf can inspire a whole series of paintings. I never ceased to be amazed at the beauty and awesomeness day in, day out, of my world. It is there, I simply need open my eyes. I am grateful.

6) Stella and Clothilde, my 2 cats, often paint with me.

7) That drive to get on canvas what I see inside of me keeps me striving for more and better - something I see as a never ending life-long challenge. I love it. This is the passion that fuels me. I am grateful for it.

and for good measure, I'll go to number

8) I love to paint!!

9) Squeezing out fresh paint onto an empty palette is a wonderful experience. It's soft like butter, I just can't wait to get my brush into it.

10) I used to intensely dislike cleaning my brushes after a session. Somehow that feeling has totally changed and now I really enjoy it. Maybe it completes the painting process.

11) Life is good with a passion. I am grateful.

Thank you Kimberly and Kimbuktu!

Kimberly's blog is always great, I never miss it. She shares her life and dreams so freely. Be sure to check out. It is refreshing.

Check out Kimbuktu's website, and her Esty shop. You won't be disappointed! she has great bags/purses, quilts, scrapbook goods and more!

I was also tagged by Lyndel at Bear Hollow Creations. Lyndel has beautiful stained glass work at very reasonable prices. His new abstracts and miniatures are very nice too. Mike at Gimme Beads has wonderful jewelry. Terri at Epiphany Art is an artist that I've worked with in a wonderful group. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

I'll leave you with another peak at my studio:
This wonderful candle holder was given to me about 10 years ago. I gave an art lesson to my nephew's art class. His teacher presented me with one of her works as a thank you. I wish I could remember her name to tell you. I love this piece, crooked candle and all!

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00. You'll find my small works and studies here for very reasonable prices.

Don't miss my website for more of my oil paintings!

They said they were brainstorming. I just don't know what to think. .. . .

Till next time,