Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aspen Paintings Listed and Today's Walk

Aspen at Lake Buckles,  Study

My two Aspen paintings have been placed for sale.

"Aspen at Lake Buckles" a study, is available at my Art Fire studio for $30.00. (above)

Art Fire is a new venue that I'm trying out. It will have my smaller works, studies and watercolors, much like Etsy. They have a nice site that's very user friendly.

Aspen at Lake Buckles resized

"Aspen at Lake Buckles," a 10 inch tall by 8 inch wide oil painting is available here on my web site for $200.00. (above)

I painted this piece on Gallery Wrap Canvas so you can hang it without a frame if that suits you.

My walk today was great. Even though we've had a freeze the last 2 nights the afternoons have been beautiful. The sky was totally clear and it was 70 degrees!

Lake Jean had nice reflections. The water was glassy-still.

lake Jean still day

The palms haven't lost any of their foliage yet.

palms at Lake Jean

The water was intensely blue from this angle.

Lake Jean reflections

We have a small amount of fall color, some trees and shrubs are yellow-gold.

early December color

Don't forget my Holiday sale! You'll find it on Etsy. In my Etsy store you'll see my watercolor and oil paintings priced from $7.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my web site for oil paintings of my corner of Texas as well as my travels. It's been updated. Yes, my web site has been updated! I actually updated my web site! There are cute kitty pictures on the "What's going on in my studio this month" page. Fair warning given...

Till next time,

image I think his arms are getting tired.


Clare said...

Love the Aspens I can almost hear the rattle sound the leaves make Clare

Lily Pang said...

Beautiful Aspen!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The Aspen are beautiful!

70 degrees!!*faints*

We are under over 3 feet of snow and a blizzard warning... It was 10 degrees here yesterday....

Kathleen said...

The aspens are great - and I really like the treatment of the leaves in the foreground!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Clare, it is such a wonderful sound when the Aspen leaves rattle!


Lily, thank you!


Michelle, our weather changes rapidly this time of year. The last few days, we are freezing at night, then up to 65 in the afternoon. I simply cannot even fathom 3 feet of snow!


Thank you, Kathleen, and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm off to visit yours!