Monday, November 17, 2008

Watusi and Workshop, Holiday Sale - Orange Eye

I was in Fredericksburg recently, a beautiful part of our Texas Hill Country. Just outside of town I saw these amazing cattle! Well, amazing for me. Their horn base is huge. Huge. Big. They are Watusi. I wish I would have been able to get a closer shot of them, but this must do. They were in an area with these 3 donkeys, and I thought the way they were all lined up was too funny.

watusi 1

3 donkeys

Here's one of the pieces on sale from my Etsy Shop. This is Orange Eye - Moon Bunny. This is a larger Moon Bunny, not one of my miniatures. It's an original watercolor and measures 4 inches tall by 6 inches wide. This Moon Bunny has many shades of yellows, greens, maroons, and, of course - oranges! Orange Eye is on sale for $17.00, click here.

I taught another delightful workshop at the Fort Clark Art Studio recently. I love to teach, and love these ladies!

This is Betty,

workshop betty

and Gloria,

workshop Gloria

and Queta,

workshop queta


workshop lois 2


workshop jane

and I don't have a photo of Twila, but this is her wonderful painting. She does beautiful work, and I think she should be the teacher!

workshop twila

It was great, as always.

I have a Holiday sale in my Etsy store! Many paintings are marked down, sale prices start at $7.00 for some of my Tiny Bits of Fine Art!

Don't miss my website for more oil paintings!

Till next time! Jean

Who could ask for better helpers??


Genie said...

I don't know which were more amazing, the wild looking Watusi or those conformist donkeys! I never knew such a beast as the Watusi existed, too cool.

And I love seeing pix of your students and their work, awesome!

I dig your moon bunnies, I hope you do another fun bunny series one day, like the Mint Bunnies or something.

Anonymous said...

I like the new bunny.
What a set of horns!!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Jean - I received your lovely painting in the mail today from your art sale and it is hanging on my wall of famous artists. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Fredericksburg - I love painting there and have never seen the Watusi before.
your pal in Flower Mound!

Lily Pang said...

Your students are lovely! You are right, it is very satisfying to teach.

Twila is obviously influenced by you. I can see your charm in her painting. Very beautiful.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie, those cattle really gave me a double take as I was driving by! I stopped to photograph them and the camel ( yes, there was a camel there too) and those 3 little donkeys just gave me a laugh!
Janis, thank you for checking it!
Nancy, I am so delighted that you received and are enjoying the painting! I am honored. Thank you! The Fredericksburg area has so many awesome areas to paint. I take a workshop there every year in the fall, and it's just gorgeous then. We go often in the spring to enjoy the bluebonnets and wildflowers.
Hugs to the pugs!
Hi Lily!
I think that 2 of my students sold the paintings that they did in the workshop!

Barbara said...

I love the look of the long horn cattle. That would make for nice art subjects.

I'm in the NE and don't see cattle like those.

:) Barbara

Kathleen said...

I just found your blog, and am enjoying it very much. Love your paintings and the animal photos!

ZudaGay said...

What interesting looking cattle!! I love the donkeys all lined up! :)
I would love to take your classes!!!

cynthia said...

Those cattle are the quintessential icon of Texas if there ever was one!

Your workshop participants look like they're enjoying themselves too.

The bunny is awesome too :)

John said...

A great painting - trees have much energy.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Barbara, I'm so happy you stopped by! These cattle aren't seen here very often, either, but I understand they are being cross bred with longhorns!

Hey Kathleen, I am glad you found my blog, and thrilled that you enjoyed it!

Zuda, wouldn't a huge give and take class be great!
Think of what you could teach us!

Cynthia, enjoying your blog these days! Take care!

John, Twila's work is awesome, isn't it!