Friday, November 14, 2008

Golden Pink and Holiday Sale!

There is a special time of day that I love. It's the late, late afternoon, just as the sun is going down. The field in front of our house turns the most gorgeous color. I can only describe it as golden-pink. If only a photograph could capture the real beauty. But, as with many things, neither a photo or a painting will do, you just have to be there! I wait for it most days, waiting for the light to be splashed, thrown, hurled - it appears. Then, sunset.

Golden pink field

ranch sunset 1

ranch sunset 2

ranch sunset 3

I have a Holiday Sale in my Etsy store!! If you're getting an early start on your gift list, you may find just the right piece for someone special!

Until next time!

avatar Holiday Sale 75x75


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Jean - Love your little wooden guy with the holiday sale sign! I can't wait to see your new works based on all these fall colors.
happy painting!

The Epiphany Artist said...

words cannot describe those photos I love sunsets-- WOW!

R Lyndel Littleton said...

Beautiful! I don't get sunsets in Bear Hollow. The hills hide them. But when I'm out about town I love a gorgeous sunset.

I don't know how you have time to check on everyone's blogs. I appreciate your kind words about my paintings. Your work is so wonderful it adds a lot of weight to what you say. To have you leave such nice comments is a great honor.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Nancy!
oh,yes, my little helpers stay busy! My best to all of the puggies! I appreciate you stopping by, and I would point my readers to your wonderful blog-


Terri, it's just awesome out here!!


Lyndel, I am the one so honored at such a comment. I do enjoy keeping up with my fellow artists, and read a number of blogs each day. I don't always comment, but I do try to keep up as much as possible. Thank you.

Genie said...

Sunset shots, yea!!!!!!!! I LOVE seeing shots from the ranch!

jstinson said...

Jean, Texas and Oklahoma have some of the most beautiful sun sets in the world! Your photos made me a good way! Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Sixsisters said...

Jean these are great shots. I got a thrill looking at
them. Thanks for this post.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Wow! These are breathtaking!