Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poppies and Linda Blondheim

I love painting poppies. (How many times have I said that!) I've painted many, and each one can be such a fresh look. This piece, Poppies, is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide. It's painted with many shades of oranges, reds, and yellows. "Poppies" is priced at $325.00, and is available for sale here on my web site.

Poppies resized


poppies resized detail


poppies resized detail 23

work table and reference photos:

blog painting poppies resized

Linda Blondheim is a great landscape artist. Her blog features recipes every day, as well as wonderful information for artist and art collectors. Linda will also give you updates about Studio Dog, Henry! She is a Florida painter, and captures her state wonderfully. Linda does commission work, workshops, paint outs, etc.

On her "fun" side, she paints cartoons!

Above © Linda Blondheim

I love artists who know how to have fun! I have purchased her delightful works for my collection. Check out her Etsy shop for her cartoons.

She also has some wonderful landscapes for sale on Etsy. Her website is here. You won't be disappointed with Linda!

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my website for more of my oil paintings!

Till next time!

mannequins resized 1

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tree Ducks re-visited and Melody Madden

darlene tree ducks  1-1-1resizedRemember the Tree Ducks? My friend Darlene Shahan, with the awesome telephoto lens captured these great shots for me! You can really see those orange beaks and their wonderful colors, not to mention great expression and emotion. Ah, I'm getting carried away. No, no, no, of course I'm not jealous of her awesome, amazing, wonderful telephoto lens! No no. Amazing. Awesome. Close. Great shots.darlene tree ducks 2-1-1resized

Above photos © Darlene Shahan, 2008. Thank you Darlene!

Melody Madden had a blog give away, and I won! I won! Yes, me!! I love her work, it's so fluid and yet constrained at the same time.

In her own words she says: My art is deeply influenced by the beauty found in nature, it enriches my spirit, shapes the way I see colour and inspires the work I have yet to begin. I compare my free motion embroidery to a painter’s brush as I paint with the needle of my machine to create depth, shadow and light in my work.

In creating artwork with thread I am essentially mixing together dots of colour which are all lying in different directions, catching the light and making the viewer aware of the texture. To me this is similar to Pointillism or Impressionism. I also use my camera to capture urban settings in which people are just going about their daily lives. The use of both paint and thread is very exciting to me as it visually creates a three dimensional appearance within the art.

Here are 2 of Melody's great pieces: (images below property and © Melody Madden)

Melody - Pink Waters

melody 2 Rough Waters with edges

I can hyperventilate at the thought of sewing a button, and am continually amazed at Melody's work. Paint yes, I can paint. But sewing too???

Don't forget to visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00. It's not to early to be thinking of Christmas!

Till next time,

blog manequin with absrtact They seem to like to wave.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Affordable Art Work For Your Walls!

I blogged the following feature for a group I am in. I thought you'd enjoy it to!

Elis Cooke Original Art has beautiful, richly colored abstract art for you. She works in mixed media, handmade paper collage, and Monotypes, so there is surely something to please your in her shop. This piece, Stray of Light, is an original mixed media piece measuring 20 inches by 16 inches, and it is ready to hang with no frame, very reasonably priced at $125.00.

elis abstract

Green Island Studios brings you amazing photography with a vintage feel. The Diaphanous Blue is haunting to me. I love water, and the emotion that this piece gives is tangible. This 8 inch by 10 inch piece is priced at $35.00. Jo offers a matting service in her shop also. Her talent is evident in her photos, with composition and design that is strong. The vintage feel of her work could offer you just the piece you've been looking for!


Barbara Giordano Art has this piece for you. “Mandala” simply means “circle.” Barbara says that these magic circles are often used in meditation and symbolize many aspects of the self and community. This digital representation is abstracted from her original artwork and reproduced to a 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch art card. The original work was created using professional colored pencils and acid free inks and markers. She has this miniature piece priced at $4.99.

barbara  mandala

Melanie, at TheCreatorsPalette, has a beautiful abstract painting. It is painting on YUPO paper in watercolor, and this is a difficult paper to master. I think that Melanie truly captured a winner in this piece. It flows beautifully, taking every advantage of watercolor. This piece is 9 inches by 11 inches, and available for $60.00.


Next month I'll bring you more affordable art! Yes, you can have original art on your walls in any budget!

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my website for more oil paintings!
Thank you!

Jean Levert Hood

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Deer Kiss, Echinacea, and Jordanka

This is an original watercolor painting of the lovely Echinacea flower. It is sized to fit into a standard 14 x 11 mat and frame. I painted this on very heavy watercolor paper, my favorite for layering all of those wonderful colors! It is available for $85.00 HERE in my Etsy Shop.

Detail: Detail: Jordanka was so kind to feature my work on her blog, She paints very colorful flowing trees. She works with her customers for custom designed styles and colors of her pieces, as well as offers prints for a lower priced item. Jordanka's a lovely artist, and I hope you check out her blog and her Etsy Shop.

This amazing photo was caught with our game camera. This is a doe kissing her fawn! Well, that's what I like to think it is, anyway. I got so gushy over it, I couldn't stop saying "awwwww." I had about 300 photos to view and this one was tops.

My beautiful picture

Isn't it the best?? It's even better with the twin fawn in the shot with them.

Till next time!

mannequins resized 1They love the loud music too!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Queen's Wreath, Butterflies, Bees and Rooster!

Queens wreath on fenceresized

The Queen's Wreath is gorgeous right now, and the butterflies love it Butterflies cover the plants, the plants cover fences and anything else they touch. The butterflies below are in huge numbers. It's really amazing.

Queens wreath and butterfliesresized

Queen's Wreath 2resized

Every kind of butterfly loves them and I even caught a bee in this shot.

butterfly 2-1resized

This little Gray Hairstreak butterfly (below) seems happy to share the blossoms with a bee. If you want to see more great shots of these, check out Photographer In Training's blog. She has several days of posts that are fantastic! She shot well over 1000 photos of the butterflies.

queens wreath bee and butterflyresized

"Young Rooster" is dry now, and has been added to my Etsy Shop. He is priced at $200.00. This is a 10 inch by 8 inch oil painting on Gallery Wrapped canvas.

Here's a side shot of the piece:

Sharon, at Red Lady Art has been so kind to promote my art on her site. She is a fellow Texas artist, and you can find her Etsy shop here. Sharon has an amazing range of talents, from tiny pieces of art to her pyrography furniture. Her blog is here. Be sure to check it out!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         They were waiting for their positions as usual! Till next time!