Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Oil Painting - Rooster

One Proud Rooster is an original oil painting, size 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide, available for $325.00. Rooster is available here in my Etsy store.

I painted this rooster in a workshop with Guido Frick as an exercise to stretch our vision. Were allowed to paint from a photograph that Frick supplied, then had to finish without the photo. Well, it did look like a rooster, but a very misshapen one! So, I re-did the painting some months later, and I looked at the photo till I was finished! So, while I flunked the initial exercise, I am pleased with my finished project. This painting is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide. There is plenty of thick, juicy paint on this one, and I had fun fixing him up.


A small piece of my studio:

Until next time!
What would I do with out them! They even have easels out for the next paintings.

Neon Blue and Etsy Sale!

Ok, you know I have painted buntings, that we use a flax seed feeder for the finches, that we have a pond. Yes, all of that. What I do not have is an awesome telephoto lens for my camera! So, these great photos are courtesy of Darlene Shahan, and copyright by Darlene Shahan. She also has painted buntings, uses a flax seed feeder for the finches, and has a pond. Thanks, Darlene!

She got a great shot of a painted bunting on her flax feeder!

Down at our pond, we have this amazing neon blue dragonfly sort of thing. ( I have books for Texas wildflowers, Texas artifacts, Texas birds, Texas geology, but not these things!) I have no idea what this is. It's simple stunning, though. I've taken dozens of photos of them, but then I cannot find them in the photo because they are so tiny! Darlene was able to capture it with her great telephoto lens. They are about 2 inches long, and the color is truly neon blue. The wonders of nature never end.

Sales are a rare thing for me, so I wanted to let you know about this one. I am a member of a team of artists on Etsy, and we've joined together for a Christmas in July Sale. I have marked down all of my smallest "Tiny Bits of Fine Art" to $7.00, and have marked down some larger paintings by 20%. If the title of the painting has "Christmas in July" in it, the sales price is marked down from the original price. This sale will continue through the last day of July. Prices will be changed August 1st. So, if you're wanting some original art pieces at reduced prices, now is the time to shop! Here are some of my shop items, plus more sales item will be added. So be sure to check my store often!

Click HERE to visit My Etsy Store.

Until next time!
I'm so lucky to have them!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lavender fields, Summer drawing classes, and Birds!

Lavender Fields - Cloudy Skies. This is an original oil painting, sized 8x10 inches. It is available by clicking
here to my Etsy Store. I painted this from my reference materials from Becker Vineyards just outside of Fredericksburg in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I've painted their lavender fields many times in many seasons. I find them just as beautiful after the flowers are gone.

I'm giving private drawing classes again this summer and wanted to introduce two of my great students.

I have Maddie:

She's an amazing young lady. She has a very sharp eye for detail, and loves to draw horses. It's such a pleasure to work with someone who works so hard.

And Alice:

Alice is working on perspective, and decided to try a delightful old barn. She did a great job!

I'll show you more of my classes later, and some of their work.

This is the Lesser Goldfinch. The male has very bright yellow underparts, and they are just stunning! The female is light greenish. This is a very small finch, resident here in West Texas. They just love the finch feeder we keep out, and they can empty that sock pretty fast. The fountain is where I can get my best shots of the birds. I sit in the swing, and my telephoto lens is as good as you see here. (with apologies to all of my photographer friends!)

This is a good shot to see the back coloring of the male.

I love the water drop in his mouth in the next one, with a bunch of females:

We've had this one building a nest in the bird house:

So until next time!

They work tirelessly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seeds, Berries, Fruit, and an Abstract - Chamisa

I am in the mood today for an abstract, so here is "Chamisa." This is an original oil painting, sized 11 x 14 inches, and available in My Etsy Store.

Chamisa oil 11x14

Remember all of the beautiful blooms I showed you this spring?
They have now given way to fruits, berries, and seed pods that I can't resist showing you. This is the Prickly Pear fruit. It's usually called Tuna, or sometimes Pear Apples. It is red to dark purple, and probably about the size of 2 large thumbs puts together. Goat and cattle eat the fruit. Our goats used to have little red mouths from their munching! It was too cute. The Tuna is also food for us people, and it's made into jellies, syrups, and wines.

The wild persimmon's fruit hasn't ripened yet, it will turn black, and it's about the size of a quarter.

The trees are full of these seed pods. Those that haven't dropped their seeds are a listening delight in the wind. The beans are all pretty dried up now, and as you're walking past, the breeze makes each of these pods sound like a tiny rattle! With tree after tree this full, it's a wonderful sound.

The variety of beans is amazing. We have long purple ones,

creamy colored ones,

tiny seed pods,

and more purple brown ones.

Berries are just as varied, with yellow orange ones,

shiny red berries, (look at those thorns!)

and red/orange berries.

The grasses dance in the breeze, scattering their seeds.

Until next time!
They just seem so happy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

And the winner is....

And the winner is...

Christine Shultz, of North Carolina! Christine, I will have your Sunflower painting


in the mail to you Wednesday.

This was so much fun, and want to thank all who entered. Garland Young at the Fort Clark Art Studio did the drawing for me. Thank you Garland!
till next time, which will probably be tomorrow. I have some neat stuff to show you!