Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wisteria Oil Painting, and Spring in the Texas Hill Country

Wisteria is an original oil painting. It is 10 inches tall by 8 inches wide. You can see a larger view and purchase details by clicking on this link.
It is available for purchase for $200.

I recently returned from Louisiana and Mississippi, and the wisteria was in full bloom. It was so pretty. I've painted several already, and will probably do more.

I've been interviewed on a great blog, It's Janyce's "What Shoes I Wear." She did a wonderful job with this piece, and I appreciate her so much. Stop by and read it, I bet you'll learn something about me that's new to you. Click here to see Janyce's interview. The interview is posted after a few of my paintings, and below my interview are my shoes of the "What Shoes I Wear." While you're there, check out her links to her Esty store, too.

Be sure to check out my Etsy Store too, new items have been added there.

There is soooo much beauty in the Texas Hill Country Spring time. Of course I say that every season, there is always something special about each of them. Like right now, the prickly pear cactus are blooming.

The blooms are every shade of yellow, from the palest neutral to bright sunshine yellow. In the middle pasture, there is a path where all of the blooms are orange! Then, there is the pale peach and almost pink. My dear friend Vanaly has one with red blooms! The variety of colors is endless.

The Retama is beautiful, with graceful foliage flowing in the breeze. White tail deer browse the foliage of this thorned tree. Bobwhite quail will enjoy the seeds after the blooms fade.

The Guajillo is a member of the Acacia family, and it is in full bloom. It is good browse for our deer, and great for honey.

These fuzzy red berries are from the Littleleaf Sumac.

These are the agarito berries. (below) The blooms have given way to these berries, which some people use to make jelly.

My mannequins are working so hard!

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Painting Demonstration and Wisteria

I was honored to be asked to give a painting demonstration at the Del Rio Art League's March meeting. They have an active art league and are a fun group. I was recently in Louisiana, and loved seeing the wisteria in bloom, so I painted a few branches. Doing a demonstration painting is not an easy thing! An hour time limit to complete a painting is quite a challenge, and I enjoy doing them.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Below are some of the Del Rio Art League members. Jane Morain Goodson, 2nd from left is President this year. Other members pictured are Rosie Calvetti, Queta Eaton, and Gloria Fernandez.

Next blog I'll be showing you some of the beautiful blooming trees and shrubs that are on the ranch. We had an inch of rain last night, so I'm hoping for some wildflowers soon. We really needed that rain. And, yes, I know this paragraph should be at the bottom of the demo photos, but I just can't seem to get my blog to cooperate with me tonight! So, until next time!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tiny Bits of Fine Art, and Glenda Bailey

I want to show you one Tiny Bits of Fine Art piece, then tell you about Glenda.

This is Two Together. I'm removing the Etsy link for this piece, it has been sold!
in my Esty Store. It's available for $9.00.

My Etsy Store has new listings, as does my website.

Click here to see "Pomegranates," a new listing on my website.

There is an artist I want to introduce to you. Her name is Glenda Bailey, and I find her work amazing. The name of her website and blog is great, too, "TwoCoolTexans," how cool is that? So, here's a little about Glenda in her own words. I've included links to her sites, and you won't be disappointed for checking them out. Many of her works are created on gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang without framing. Here are two of her recent creations:

"I do way too many things. But I love them all. How can I give up any? So, you
will see a lot of variety in my TwoCoolTexans Etsy shop. Oh yes, I am Glenda Bailey
from of course, Texas. I just cannot imagine being from anyplace else. We did get waylaid once for a time and went to Arkansas. Could not wait to get back home. I really
didn’t get into art while I was raising my children; I started after I became an empty
nester. Every morning when I get up, I just sail through everything in the "gotta do these
housework things" in order to get upstairs to my art room and get busy.

I would say that I am primarily a collage artist. And mixed media. But, I will try anything. Generally, my method of working is to ready a theme, (most of the time find a vintage photo to start)—then gather up everything in that genre (papers, found objects, paint and such). I just spread it all out around my work station and pull from it as I go. Works for me every time. I also teach classes in mixed media in the Dallas area. I don’t know which I enjoy more, making art or teaching. Every day is filled with creativity and wonder (and yes, occasionally housework)."

This will take you to Glenda's needle felted postcards, it is an incredible page full of her work.

click these links for:
Glenda's blog, her great website, and her Etsy store.

and, my mannequins are still hard at work!
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tiny Bits of Fine Art

I posted new miniatures in My Etsy Store. They are priced at $9.00. Each is 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (in either orientation.) I call them my Tiny Bits of Fine Art, each an original painting. They make a nice gift, just perfect for tucking inside of a greeting card when you want "just a little something" added. They can be matted and framed, or displayed on small easels you can get easily at any craft department (for about $1.00.) At the end of the post, I'll show you some framed and on easels.

This is Galaxy 1, the first in my Galaxy series.
click here to be taken to my Esty store and Galaxy Number 1

This is Full. click here to be taken to my Esty store for Full.

These pieces below are beautifully framed. They were purchased from me and framed by the buyer. She was kind enough to send me these photos. I think they are framed to 8 inches by 10 inches.

Be sure to visit my website by click on this link. New paintings have been listed. And, I discovered that I had a bad link on my title page painting - ARGH! How does that happen? I don't know, I try to check every link, but, apparently, they do escape me at times.

My mannequins have been hard at work, finally! At the bottom right of this photo, you can see some of my Tiny Bits of Fine Art displayed on small easels.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oil Painting of Elm Creek in Spring, Mountain Laurel and a Roadrunner!

This is an original oil painting of Elm Creek. The creek is pretty now, gorgeous reflections are in the water. "Elm Creek" measures 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide, and is available for purchase by clicking on this link which will take you to my website. This painting is available unframed for $325.00 which includes shipping and insurance.

Our mountain laurel

had a fair show of blooms, but not nearly as pretty and full as last year. I did paint out, but no, I cannot show you the finished product. I adhere to my great friend Gloria's wisdom - "Don't let your dogs out" referring to our paintings of lesser quality. Well, dear readers, this one was barking! I may work on it more in the studio.

I had a curious road runner come by to check me out. He (she?) got pretty close and stayed around long enough for me to grab my camera.

The oak leaves are turning, although most are well along the way to new leaves. I wish this shot could show you the multitude of colors here! There are multiple shades of red, orange, gold

and yellow. It is so pretty. Spring is here!

Check out My Etsy Store for new miniatures!
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Friday, April 4, 2008


Ok, I can see that my blog is getting dust on it! I'm enjoying time with family visiting right now, and so my art work is a little behind - I'm having a blast! I'll catch up soon!