Thursday, February 28, 2008

Workshop - hard work, great fun!

This past week I taught 13 fantastic artists an oil painting workshop at Fort Clark Springs Art Studio. I teach the method of painting that I've learned in my workshops with Guido Frick. In addition to his method (he was a student of Sergie Bongart,) I teach composition and design principals, and color theory. I'll be taking my 4th workshop from Frick this year in Fredericksburg in October.

Our workshop was great, and I want to share this group with you.

Standing: (L-R) Twila, Sarah, Connie, Joan, Rose, Gloria, Louise, Sue, Diane, and Jane
Sitting: Ginger, Stephanie, Lois, and me. Bea and Delores are missing from the photograph, they took my workshop but were out when my friend Genie came to photograph for us on Friday. Thank you, Genie! You were great to come by!

This piece below is Connie Armbruster's workshop piece. She's a great painter. Connie paints under the name of "Kohni."

Twila Harville painted this piece below on Friday. She has a wonderful way with color. Both Connie and Twila sell their work at the Fort Clark Arts Studio.
This is demo time:

Rose is happy!

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...the mountain laurel are just beginning to show purple bits. I've seen some around the area with a number of flowers, but here on the ranch they are a little slow. Probably by next blog, it'll be time for a great new photo. And, remember the baby chicks? Teenaged chickens? Stay tuned for an update!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shasta Daisies Painting, and still waiting for Spring

Original oil painting: Shasta Daisies
This is my new website featured painting, you can click on this link for details of Shasta Daisies

A daisy painting, yes, I'm impatiently waiting for those spring blooms to come.

This week I'm teaching a painting workshop. I'll teach at the Fort Clark Art Studio. It's a wonderful place with a great group of people. I'll be demonstrating in oil, and most of the class will be painting in oils also. It should be a great time. Painting is hard work, but it is fun and so rewarding. The workshop is Friday February 22, and Saturday, February 23rd. I really enjoy teaching, and with this group it is always a good experience.

Alert: The spikes that will be the Mountain Laurel blooms are filling the trees! This gray spikes will be covered with beautiful purple flowers soon. When I was photographing these, I saw a lady bug on one of the spikes. We have tons of lady bugs around again this year.

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Abstract, Ready for Spring!

Here's a new abstract in my Esty store, you can click on this link to visit.

"Blue Beak" is an original mixed media miniature painting. I'm still having fun creating miniature works. This one has a water color base in rich muted orange and green shades. That is accented with poured acrylics, giving dimension to the green and red streaks, as well as the blue 'beak'. It is 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, standard ACEO size and price at $8.00. This abstract may be turned any way to suit you.

I am ready for Spring! The gray colors of winter are keeping me searching for the first blooms of the new season. And, yes, I'm entirely too spoiled for short winters here near in the Texas Hill Country, but I have to show you a taste of what's to come.

Our first trees to bloom are the Mountain Laurel. It's a gorgeous tree, and evergreen, so it does make a pretty tree in the winter against everyone else's bare branches. The blooms are a beautiful violet, and hang in clumps.

It's aroma is very strong, I can best describe it as grape Kool-aid! Yes, it smells like you have your nose in a packet of grape Kool-aid. I've seen it bloom in January, but normally I guess March would be about right. Even though our temperatures were in the 80's last week, we're having cold weather and a "winter" that's given us several hard freezes. Mild is good for me - this is about as far north as I ever want to be in winter.

Blooming right along with the Mountain Laurel is the Spanish Dagger. I have been watching for that beautiful huge bloom to peak through the top of the spikes. Not yet! You can see a Spanish Dagger by clicking this link to my Website.

Soon I'll be outside painting them both. There is a Mountain Laurel on the side of the house that I grew from seed. I paint it every spring.

Until next time!