Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miniature paintings, Bunny Moon Series

I've painted in oil for years with very few breaks into other mediums. All month, I've had a desire to play with watercolor. Yes, that's right, play! So, I've been painting miniatures, and having a blast. I've painted a number of small paintings in watercolor and mixed watermedia. It is nice to take a break from my serious side as an artist and just have fun! This fun may continue for a while, as I share my version of the cottontail rabbits on our Texas ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

I this painting posted on My Etsy Store for $8.00.

This Tiny Bit of Fine Art is sized to ACEO, 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. This is the start of my Bunny Moon Series. Below is Bunny Moon Number 2 (number 1 seems to have scampered away): This bunny is created in various shades of green, blue, purple, violet and rust.

This and more are in my shop, a great place to find an original painting priced from $8.00.

My website feature What's Going On In My Studio This Month has been updated, you'll see a great photo of my kittie turned Huntress of the Wilds.
I've also added new paintings to the Available Works page of my website. Please visit soon!

Until next time!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby heron and new oil painting!

This original oil painting of a heron is 12 x 9. I enjoy painting herons, and this one captured that squatty little position that I like so much.

OK, I promised you a blog about a Great Blue Heron. Well, this is about a BABY Great Blue!! I’m not knowledgeable about baby Great Blue Herons, but here’s my story. We have this small water tank just outside the patio gate. One day this scruffy bird appeared. It was big, but, as I got my bird book and searched the Internet, not really that big, because it was a baby Great Blue! It was 10 – 12” tall and looked around, and seemed unafraid.

I took so many photos that first day in case it never came back. I was able to get about 20 feet away from the bird. What a thrill I had the next morning when I saw it again! (Took dozens more photos, very thankful for a digital camera at this point!) In the end, it stayed over 2 weeks. He seemed right at home, always at the little water tank, so proud, owning it!

You often see adult vultures, large birds of the like, on a fence post or limb spreading their wings to dry on a wet morning, or after a rain. Well, this little guy just had to do it. It was so funny! Just like a big buy, spreading his wings, telling the world, Yes, I OWN The Patio, and I Am A Big Guy! I loved watching him those weeks. He seemed content.

All in all, it was an amazing 2 weeks, so fun to see him again every day, knowing that soon he’d go his way. I’ve never seen a young one again like this. I’ve learned through the years to capture and enjoy what appears on the ranch where and when it does. Sometimes, it stays around for a moment, sometimes a day, some times a month, or somewhere in between. Living here gives beautiful moments of time that bring joy and pleasure. I love it!

The Available Works page of my website has been updated, new paintings have been posted. My My Etsy Store has new items added also. And -

I found my little men! So, until next time...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Water, Herons, and Painting Small - January 2008

I am beginning my new year in my studio making greeting cards and painting small watercolor pieces. It is so fun making greeting cards, and actually I started my art journey this way. I still make them, usually in batches of several dozen at a time. Mostly they are collage, with embellishments of all sorts - paint, stamps, found items, etc. I will be making some with the mini-watercolor paintings. They will be in my Etsy store available for sale next month. Working with cards and small paintings is really fun, and great for exercising my creativity. I love it.

I finished this large oil painting just before the Christmas holidays, so my current change of size to working small and in a different medium is a needed change. Here is "The Swamp." It was painted it from several photo references and my imagination. You can see a larger version by clicking on the painting.

It is 24" tall by 36" wide, which is very large for me! The upside to that was that it gave me lots of room for painting water! It now resides in a happy home in Louisiana.

I've been thinking about water. I love to paint water, and include it in every painting that I can. I've also been thinking about herons and egrets. We have both great blue herons and white herons in this area of Texas. We see both at and around our pond ( aka Lake Jean.) So, my next blog will be a great little story about a Great Blue Heron. (yes, you have to wait!) But, here is a painting that has an egret, or heron, and water - a combination I love.

The water in this painting, well, in fact all but the heron, is fairly abstract, and I do love to paint this way. I enjoy working with a more realistic subject, then turn more abstract on the background and color choices. This original oil painting is sold. The painting measures 16" x 12".

My sign off mannequins are temporarily missing! I had to reformat my computer, and must find them again on my back ups. The restore operation I did somehow did not bring them back to me. They have to be lurking in an unknown file somewhere. I won't give up until I find them.

Until next time!