Sunday, December 9, 2007

Vineyard Painting and Oreo Surprise!

This original oil painting is titled "Fall Lavender Fields - Cloudy Skies." It's been misty and progressively colder today, and this painting seems to fit the mood for blogging. It is 8 inches by 10 inches, and available for purchase on my website for $200.00. This link will take you to my Available Works page there.

The reference materials for this painting are from Becker Vineyard's lavender fields, just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas.
I visited Fredericksburg in November for a workshop. ** an aside: I've taken an art workshop from Guido Frick at the Fredericksburg Art School every year for the last 3 years. He's a fabulous artist and a fabulous teacher**

And now, here it is, The Oreo Surprise!
Isn't this the most fun cow you've ever seen? I drove past this pasture of oreos each morning on my way to the Fredericksburg Art School for class.

This month, I was in Fredericksburg again for their Christmas parade and festivities. I simply had to drive by the pasture again, and to my surprise, they had baby oreos! It was just too cute. So, now there is another thing I love about the Texas Hill Country.
And thanks to the Internet, I can tell you that these are Belted Galloways, or "Belties." Their first recorded history is from the 16th century of Galloway district of Scotland. You can find out all you ever wanted to know at

Until next time!


Melody said...

Fall Lavendar Fields is just gorgeous does make me long for warmer days. Those cows are a hoot!!

Tommy Thompson said...

Jean, Thanks for sharing your adventures in Fredericksburg. Tommy and I really want to visit there, especially for the art instruction. Those cows are amazing; Our youngest granddaughter would be fascinated!
Marie Thompson

Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, it certainly does look different from your beautiful snow covered landscape, yes!
I'm so glad you like the painting.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Tommy and Marie, The Fredericksburg Art School has some top teachers. It's such a beautiful area, any plein air painters have a wealth of choices. I know you would love it!

Cynthia said...

I love your lavender painting, Jean!

Are they really called oreos? They're pretty amazing.

Amy C. Moreno said...

Those cows are a riot!
I love your work. (found out about you and your paintings thru VAST for Etsy)
Your paintings are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I have a new favorite painting. Love the lavender fields.
I have seen cows like that in Mississippi. There is a story that the owner of some of them got a call from a little old lady. She asked him why he had sheets wrapped around is cows.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Cynthia, yes, "Oreo" is a nickname for those fluffly little cows!
So glad you like my painting! I love painting the lavender fields.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Amy I'm so glad you found my blog and visited! I truly appreciate your complements.
Yes, those cows are just too fun! I love this part of Texas, lots of beauty, and we can find humor everywhere!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hey Janis! I was so glad to get to visit the lavender fields again earlier this month, and took yet again more photos! I love digital, I can just snap away.

Sheets in the cows - now that is truly rich!!

Linda Blondheim said...

We have belties here in Florida too. I did a painting of them a few years ago. They are so cute.

Love your paintings.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you, Linda, I'm so glad you dropped by!

Genie said...

I've resubscribed to your blog because I didn't get an update for this one either. The cows are awesome! It was also awesome to go look at your available works. I forget to do that and am glad for the reminder in your blog posts.

I tried to shoot some sheep today but they weren't interested and took off. They were all over one of the hills on Tularosa. As soon as they knew I'd seen them, they took off. Had a lot of deer huff at me too. That always makes me laugh.

Okay, I want to see some lavender fields now! I'm going to try and talk Wes into growing some next year. He hates lavender but I want to make smudge sticks with it.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie, I'm glad you re-subscribed, I've had that happen to me, too.
Tularosa is one of my very favorite spots, I'm jealous that you went!!
I have some new lavender to plant, it is one I found in Fredericksburg earlier this month. It blooms in the fall. I'm hoping it will do good through the winter.

Maisy Brown said...

Oreo cows!! Wonderful, aren't they pretty! Beautiful Lavender Fields painting!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Maisy, aren't those cows just toooo fun!