Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4, 2007

Red Flowers in Clay Jar, 14 x 11, Oil

I painted on site in Fredericksburg, Texas this past fall at Becker Vineyards. I painted the lavender fields and the delightful little house near the main building. The grounds at Becker are beautifully landscaped in every season. This particular day, there was a large clay jar of flowers. I had to paint it. I changed the shape of the pot and painted it from my photos. Vines dripped down all around the jar creating a wonderful backdrop to the clay. This painting is in the Gallery On The Square in Wimberley, Texas. Wimberley is another beautiful area of the Texas Hill Country.

We've had over three inches of rain in the last 24 hours! It looks like more is on the way. This summer is cooler than normal, and certainly the the wettest I've ever known. The landscape is pretty, the trees have more foliage than they do in drought years, our wildflowers are abundant, and the animals must be very happy with so much to eat. We have water in our creek, our pond is well out of its banks, creeks and streams are flowing all around the area. What a gorgeous summer!

This is a photo of Jimson Weed growing in my herb/naturalized garden. It came up early this summer, and I decided to let it grow. Normally I pull it out, it can get very invasive. It grows quite large, and the seed pods have nasty barbs on them. Every time I see a seed pod, I think of all of the little Jimson Weeds I'll be pulling out next spring! But I do love the flower. As beautiful as it is, it is a highly toxic plant, deadly in fact. I don't eat it.

The flowers open in the morning and evening, and are quite beautiful. As soon as the sun begins to heat up, the blooms close, then open again as the heat of the day subsides. The curve of the flower is graceful and create little points all around the bloom. The bloom pod is lime green and pointed. The flower breaks through with a creamy yellow cast as a tight bud. As the flower opens the yellow gives way to the creamy white of the fully opened flower. They are pretty for several days, and in a plant of any size there are some open every day. I think of it as Georgia Okeefe's flower! She painted a beautiful one.

I have added paintings to my Etsy store, and put 2 on sale. http://www.jeanhood.etsy.com/

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Genie said...

Your Jimson Weed flowers remind me of Wesley's moon flowers. Except the moonflowers only open once, for the night, and then they fall off. The Clay Jar painting is awesome! I love the way you worked light and shade into it!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie Those Moon flowers may be in the same family of flowers. Jimson weed is the Nightshade family.

I'm so glad you like the Clay jar painting. It was such a small, intimate spot, the kind I love to paint.

Genie said...

Let's see, one source says the moonflower is a cousin to the morning glory. It's an Ipomoea Alba a.k.a. Calonyction Acurleatum. Hmmm, they don't seem to be related, but your J Weed is related to something called a Double Purple Moonflower, and it's GORGEOUS! http://home.att.net/~larvalbugbio/jimsonpur2.jpg

Janis said...

Hi Jean,

The new painting is my new favorite. I'm glad you are getting a lot of rain. It must be the greenest it has been in several years.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie Beautiful!
Janis Thank you for stopping by to read my blog this week, and I am glad you have a new favorite painting! Our part of the country is green all over. You may have seen it here this time of year in the past drought years, when everything was brown long before this time of the summer. You would marvel at it now! Yes, it has been years since it was this green. The past years of drought had taken quite a toll on the landscape.

Cynthia said...

Gorgeous painting, Jean, I love it!

It does remind me of moon flowers, is it the same? I've seen them growing here in Colorado too, but after discovering how toxic they are and owning a dog who will nibble on plants, I opted not to plant any.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Beautiful Painting!

Anonymous said...

Your new painting made me feel like once again I was sitting on the porch at Beckers. The clay pots are always so colorful. You really captured the patina in on clay. Thanks for the memories.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Clare, thank you! It is so beautiful at Becker's, any time of year.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Cynthia, I think there are many plants in this same family all over the west and south. I know that they are toxic for livestock here, so yes, keep you little pet away!
Thanks for stopping by!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you Terry!