Sunday, September 30, 2007

Original Oil Painting, "Taking Her Walk"

September 30, 2007

This painting is "Taking Her Walk." It is 24x12, Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas. I painted this from a reference photo that I took at Wildseed Farms, just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas.
Wildseed Farms is a wonderful place with fields of flowers in explosions of colors in all seasons. They cultivate many varieties of wildflowers, and produce 88 varieties of wildflower seeds. You can find lots of information about planting wildflowers at their website: I love to go there and photograph the views. Their poppy fields are outstanding, and I've painted many poppies from those photos.

This delightful lady was looking intently at all of the fields. I found her posture so striking and chose to paint her walking on a path. She seemed to be the type of person that would take a daily walk and drink in all of nature's glory. This painting can be viewed on my website by clicking HERE.

I've noticed that many of my paintings have paths in them, something entirely unconscious that I have been doing. Paths are interesting to paint, you can add so many colors to the ground, shadows, etc. I do like to paint them, and I guess it is because they leave some air of mystery to a painting, such as where is that path going? Where will it take her? What's on the other side? It presents questions that the viewer can answer.

Baby Chick update!

The little chicks are finally with The Big Chickens! They are doing just fine, and seem to enjoy the big pen. AND, we have a new little hatch again from our chickens. That is two this fall, a record. Baby chick is doing well.

Until next week!


Anonymous said...

Yeah baby chicks!!!!!


Genie said...

I see what you mean about her pose. When the elderly, those who aren't so physical, decide to do something there's a great determination in their body. Watching my grandmother maneuver this weekend reminds me of your subject. Her odd stance, so determined that her body WILL allow her to do this whether it wants to or not because she IS going to see those flowers, by god.

Anonymous said...

I look at that painting and want to "stop and smell the roses"
just like she seems to be doing.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Clare, she seemed to have so very much character, and it caught my eye instantly!
Genie Yes, determination is a good word for her.
Janis and the good part is that we will have eggs soon!

Cynthia said...

Love the painting - she reminds me of a woman I often see walking her dog in my neighborhood, rain, sun, sleet or shine. Always with a head scarf and her cane.

I get the Wild Seed Farms catalog! Gorgeous photographs and flowers.

Genie said...

Thanks Jean! I think Sherry and I are definitely going to make some road trips soon. She's fired up about photography again. Since we both shot all of the same stuff the weekend we shot the vineyard, I'm eager to see what she got.... you know? I want to see how she saw things compared to how I saw them. But she only has dial-up so I have to WAIT until I see her again.

Hey, are you familiar with a crazy fruit that looks a bit like red clown noses except elongated and grows on a vine? 'Bout the size of... I don't know, elongated clown noses? We saw some and I just couldn't believe how vibrant they were. They were orange and extremely mushy inside. The vine was growing up a tree and Sherry had to convince me it was a vine because I couldn't see it, I thought the fruit grew from the tree.

Tarot Reader said...

Gots me a new blog. Going to try to build it up, if it expands I'll try to get Adsense on it. Seems like a cool idea, give away the product but charge for the adspace. We'll see. I got time to kill, why not? Hey, delete this comment if you like. I don't mind a bit. Got any trees or handwriting samples for me? I got plenty of time for that sort of stuff. Send a linky to my blog to anyone you think might enjoy it. Thanks bunches! This is all your fault, you know.... Hugs and mushy sounds!

Genie said...

His power was overshadowed by two sisters AND our sister in law!

Melody said...

Jean i love this painting. I can read so much into it just by looking at her. I love this style of work Bravo

Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, Thank you for that nice compliment. I feel that I've done my job if you can "read" it that way.