Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Oil Painting of Bluebonnets

August 27, 2007

I’m thinking about bluebonnets again.... I was going through my photos this week deciding on my next painting. My spring trip to the Fredericksburg Texas area to see the wildflowers and bluebonnets gave me quite a batch of photos. The Hill Country is so beautiful, and you can never tire of it.

This was painted in June from that trip. I call it Big Oak and Bluebonnets, it is 12 x 9, oil on canvas panel. I like doing a small painting before tackling a large one, and I plan to do a large painting from this same reference photo for my next painting. Big Oak and Bluebonnets is available for sale on my website for $325 at this link: I painted several bluebonnet paintings in June, and they are now sufficiently dry enough to put on my website and in my Etsy store at I sell my small paintings and studies in my Etsy store at a price range of $30 - $100.

Flora and Fauna Report

The Sycamore trees in our area are some of our taller trees. Their white bark is a beautiful distinguishing factor. It peels off in patches, giving a mottled appearance to its trunk and branches. It likes moist soils, so is normally found close to creeks and rivers in the Texas Hill Country area. The Sycamore has a maple like leaf that can be quite large. These leaves are the ones I wait for in August to break the landscape of summer. I watch the Sycamores every year, and at the beginning of August the leaves start their changing process, and the greens give way to golds.
Since Oak trees are also at our rivers and creeks, you often see these two trees together. The blue green of the Oak makes the yellow/gold/ lime greens of the Sycamore all the more obvious. This photo is one of my favorite Sycamores to watch. It is on Pinto Creek on Highway 90. I’ll be doing some paintings of Sycamore trees this fall. I’ve painted them on location on the Pedernales River, and at Rio Frio. The colors and shapes make beautiful fall colors to paint.

The baby chicks are growing! It is hard to get a good photo with the wire, and they refuse to pose for me. I hope you can see the changes in them. The largest chick is the one from our hatch. Remember how tiny it was on July 21?
Now they are in the chicken yard with The Big Chickens. They are in a segregated area of the enclosure, still too small to be with TBC. I’ll do another update photo soon.
Until next time!


Genie said...

The new Shasta Daisy painting makes me want to cry. Maybe it's because I like daisies so much, maybe it's all the blue, maybe it's because I'm sleepy, I don't know, but looking at it I really felt the urge to cry! I bet it sells THAT fast! Big Oak and Bluebonnets is PURRFECTION! Seriously, I love it!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie thank you so much! I love those little shastas, and wish they were still growing in my garden. I've done many paintings from my photos of them. I have already sold Big Oak and Bluebonnets!

Plein Air Florida said...

Hi Jean,
I have a big Sycamore in my yard too and that is my indicator of fall to come too. Mine has not started the change yet.
Love your painting today.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Linda, thank you for the compliment on my painting. Let me know when your sycamore starts to change. Texas is a long way from Florida!

The Epiphany Artist said...

LOL they are looking quite birdy!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the bluebonnet picture. Oaks are my favorites.

The chicks are growing fast. How old are they when they are put with the "big chickens"


Jean Levert Hood said...

Terry, they are such fun to watch grow!
Janis I'm so glad you like my painting. The chicks have to be quite a good size for the larger chickens to leave them alone. It will be a while before they can fend for themselves in the big yard. They need to be more than double the size they are now, so it will be a while. I'll keep you updated!

Anonymous said...

Jean, Love the new painting! I was also in Fredricksburg this spring. I have been to see the Bluebonnets twice and know I will go back in a year or two. Your painting makes me feel like I am back on the Willow Loop Trail!

Cynthia said...

I would love to visit Texas again when the blue bonnets are in full bloom - they're fantastic!

Love the painting too, Jean.

I'm starting to notice the very tiny changes that indicate fall is on the way. Soo dark at 5am when I get up, whereas just a month ago, it was light. Cold nights in the 50's, warm afternoons.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Anon, Thank you for visiting! The Willow City Loop is famous for its spectacular views of the bluebonnets. It's a drive I always take when I'm in the Fredericksburg area in wildflower time.
Cynthia, Thank you, Cynthia. 50 degrees at night probably won't happen here until November! It has, however, been the coolest summer we've had in years. I'm so glad you like the painting.

Genie said...

I wish I had pictures of growing baby chicks to post. Maybe baby quails one day.... Wes and I are talking about a quail coop!

Jean Levert Hood said...

We did raise quail once, years ago. That's a fun thing to do!