Saturday, August 4, 2007

August 4, 2007, Saturday

My Rio Frio Series:

I have continued to paint from my Rio Frio series. I planned to do that for the month of July, but I not ready to put that idea aside yet. I have painted all of these paintings from one photo.

These two paintings were abstracted from the same reference photo.

12 x 16, oil on Gallery wrap canvas

14 x 11, oil on canvas panel

Both of these paintings will be available for sale on my website when they are sufficiently dry.

I am enjoying immensely the creative juices flowing from this series, and will continue to use this photo until I no longer see another painting. Larger paintings are in the plans for this coming week.

Marc McCord calls the Rio Frio "a gem." In his writing about Rio Frio, McCord says "....the Rio Frio is a gem of Texas rivers. Its water flows cool, clean and clear from underground springs that gush forth some of the purest water to be found in a Texas river, the bed of which is limestone and gravel. Rising above Kent in Real County, the Frio flows past Garner State Park and on down to Concan (the end of the section most frequently paddled, and which is covered in this report), then down to the Three Rivers area in Live Oak County where it intersects the Atascosa and Nueces Rivers." Quoted with permission of Marc McCord, .

Garner State Park is where I have painted the Frio, and taken many photographs. This particular photo reference I'm using was taken under the bridge just before the entrance to the State Park.


Plein Air Florida said...

Wow!!!! great looking paintings. That second one is a charmer!!
Linda Blondheim

Genie said...

Jean, I can't believe what and how much your eye and mind were able to extract from that picture!!! I love the changes you made to the abstract!!!! And I still love the pink mist! On the second painting I love your use of the red on the bottom and how it flows up and softly into the pale green. But I'm totally grokking the abstract now and will be envious of whoever gets it! My eye just drinks up the whole piece now. Hey, bought a book on how to critique photography. I'm going to be unbearably snobby from now on.

Oh, you should go out on your place and find some goosefoot (chenopods) and shoot it so I can see what it looks like. I'm sick of the cheno-pollen!

The Epiphany Artist said...

yup I agree, stunning abstract!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Linda, thank you! I occassionally do an abstract, not often. Glad you liked it!
Genie I just take parts of the photo and do a smaller section of the landscape. If I hadnot painted under that bridge, and looked at that scene many times, I wouldn't be able to do that from a photograph. I'm glad you like my abstracts, and you can be a photo snob all you want!
I haven't been able to identify chenopods out here from the photos I've seen. Nasty little things.
Terry, thank you!