Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21, 2007

I just cannot resist another flora and fauna report! We have 2 baby chickens, so cute ...and so noisy. They are in the brooder, happy and growing. Our rooster is apparently doing his job. And as to flora, well, I have never seen such lush green growth here in July. The rains have been pretty constant, (over 5 1/2 inches today) and the abundance of foliage is amazing. The last years of drought must seem a distant memory for the trees and grasses. Wildflowers are abundant, and our bunnies and deer seem very happy with lots to eat.

One of the baby chicks:

Wildflowers everywhere:

This is one of the paintings I'm working on of the lavender fields at Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg Texas. A November photo was the inspiration for this painting, an 8 x 10, oil on canvas panel. Ready on the easel for this week are photos of the fields in bloom.

I've been asked about size designations for paintings, so from now on, I will include more information for artists and collectors to better explain different aspects of my craft. If a painting is sized 6 x 8, that is not the same as 8 x 6. The first number designated is the height, the second is the width. Thus, 6 inches high by 8 inches wide is designated as 6 x 8. Often this is called “landscape” orientation (wider horizontally), and an 8 x 6 would be called “portrait,” (taller vertically.) Please let me know any questions you have, either by email at or in the comment section of my blog just below the post.


Plein Air Florida said...

Living on a farm in Texas must be great fun. The chicks are so cute. Tell us more about living in the Texas Hill Country.

The Epiphany Artist said...

OMG how beautiful and innocent-- you are so lucky!

Genie said...

Ohhh, ahhh, mmmm.....! I haven't seen much purple in your work in ages! I LOVE the lavender fields painting! Screw diversity, I think all paintings should be purple. And fabric and walls and furniture and trees and the sky....... I'm dying to see the orignal pic you are working from. It's cool to see how the artist's eye inteprets a scene. Okay, back to Deathly Hallows. Can't let Wes get ahead of me.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Linda, I'll be showing and telling you more about the Hill County area. Yes, it's fun here, love jeep rides around the ranch.
Epiphany Artist, it is a wonderful area, and so much inspiration for a painter.
Genie, Yes, the violet colors are back! I do have to be careful that all of my clothes isn't lavender or lime green. Ok, I'll try to remember to post the photo I'm working from, but you generally won't see much resemblance to the final product...which to me is the fun part of painting. I can paint what I see. Get back to reading Harry now.