Monday, October 11, 2010


We have a lot of cottontails, which I always refer to as "bunnies."  These 2 were waiting for me to come to my studio yesterday. They're normally OK with my presence close by and I just happend to have my camera. Imagine that!

This one below didn't want to use any energy to run, it just flopped down and got comfortable!  They're way up there on the "cuteness" scale.

The family seems to be settling in.  Kittie is OK with it all, but I do get a little nervous when the tail playing starts.

I have a landscape painting to show you in my next post - stay tuned!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hill Country Fall Beauty -- New Helper

I was in the middle of the beautiful Texas Hill Country last week.  Fredericksburg is beautiful any time of year, but after our mild and wet summer, it's gorgeous now!  I have a few photos I want to share with you this morning.  More to come soon!

The field behind our lodge was full of these yellow beauties:

This elk was magnificent!  When he bellowed after his harem, I couldn't believe how loud it was:

The view is beautiful no matter which direction you look. 

They insisted on coming along: More to come!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clay Pot Oil painting, Vermillion Fly Catcher and Helpers

Clay Pot With Red Flowers will be in my October Exhibit at Lee-Bunch Gallery in Del Rio, Texas.

Clay Pot with Red Flowers, Oil painting, Jean Levert Hood

Jean Levert Hood, Clay Pot With Red Flowers, 16x20, Oil on Linen

I think the most brilliantly colored bird we have is the Vermillion Flycatcher. I have 3 shots for you, they're all taken at a distance and not as clear as I'd like.  This small bird sits in the same spot on the far patio fence each morning just about coffee time.  We see this beauty in the summer and breeding time.

vermillion resized 3

It hasn't yet come to the bird bath where I can get a better photo, but sits facing the field.  We have a watering hole for the animals just outside of the fence, maybe he's watching for insects there.  They do like open water, so this would be a better option than the morning crowd at the birdbath.

vermillion resized 2

He's a beacon of neon red/orange!  This one below is a tad fuzzy, but the best my lens can do.

vermillion resized 1

Now, I have an important Studio Update:  

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time know that I started with just 2 helpers.  Two.  They worked out fine.  No problems.  Then, a friend came to visit - again fine - and then she decided to stay.  Ok, I have a lot of studio work to be done, so that has worked out too.  Soon they wanted a kitty.  Fine, got them a kitty. I was a little concerned with kitty, but she doesn't jump on furniture or my palette, so all is fine again.  

Well, remember how I said there was an awful lot of "High Five-ing" going on????    Now I know why.  I really don't know what to say at this point and will have to get back to you later.  They wanted 2 portraits:

mannequin family 2
family 1